Is Jennifer Lopez single again?

Jennifer Lopez, a famous singer and actress just broke up with her boyfriend! Find out more about their relationships before and after the breakup right now!

Jennifer Lopez is single

A lot of famous couples have a tendency to break up after a while but people fail to explain why this is happening so often. For instance, famous American celebrity Jennifer Lopezis single now!

The actress has dated Beau 'Casper' Smart for quite a long time. Some people say they couldn’t stay together for longer time because of the 18 years age difference.

However, the fans are not the best judges as we are not aware of the private life of the celebrities. We only have the power to make suggestions. According to Jennifer’s manager the couple stopped dating few weeks ago.

It seems like it wasn’t a big deal for them – Jennifer and Beau breakup wasn’t a hard one and the sources state that they decided to remain good friends despite the circumstances.

Apart from this, no one has said anything about their split yet. The celebrities themselves are not willing to comment on the situation. The media first heard about Jennifer getting together with Beau back in 2011.

The critics doubted that it would turn into really serious relationships but surprisingly for them they dated for about 5 years which is quite a long time.

The media has been following the couple everywhere. Everyone wanted to know what the secret of their happiness was.

Smart kept on making compliments and once he admitted that Jen was the perfect woman for him because she was really clever, funny and kind.

Even though they experienced problems while they were dating they never made a scandal out of it unlike most of the other celebrities nowadays. They made a few comments about it.

Jennifer Lopez is single

Beau said that they didn’t like the noise, parties and alcohol. They preferred just the company of each other. They also thought that if they started showing off their relationships they would have had to deal with more problems.

Paparazzi captured the famous couple in Las Vegas about two weeks ago and it didn’t seem like they were mad at each other.

We can’t be sure if they had already split by that time but it surely confirms that they would be good friends even after the separation.

In most of the latest interviews Lopez says that her now-ex-boyfriend has made a huge impact on the lives of her young kids Max and Emme.

According to her, Smart always supported her, helped her and really enjoyed being around her children. They also learnt a lot from him. Earlier the American star was married to Anthony who is the father of her kids.

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She says it was hard for her to keep everything going but she had a great support which made it possible for her to stay positive and great mom.

Jen is a really good mother and she says she would do anything for her kids even if she has to sacrifice something. “Their happiness is the most important thing to me”, says Jennifer.

When the journalists ask her about getting married again, she doesn’t seem to have an answer. However, she doesn’t seem to be categorical. It’s great that Lopez remains calm and confident even in the tough situations.

She thinks she will find her happiness eventually.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez

The full name of the actress and singer is Jennifer Lynn Lopez. She was born in 1969 in New York. She was not the only child – now she still talks to her sisters Leslie and Lynda.

In the early 1970s her Puerto-Rican parents rented a small apartment but in a few years they made enough money to move to the actual house. Jennifer Lopez was a really creative child – she loved singing and acting.

Jennifer Lopez is single

She would perform all the time and every guest who came by their house was really surprised how talented the young girl was.

She first actually explored New York when she was about 7 years old. It impressed her and motivated her for working on her skills. Her parents can’t be described as very strict.

However, they really wanted their daughters to study hard in order to receive good education.

Even though Jen’s family admitted young girl had a talent they wouldn’t have thought she would have ever become a professional singer and actress.

They thought it was just nonsense. Jennifer went to a bunch of catholic schools. Even there she was a really active girl – she used to be in gymnastics, track and softball.

She would represent her school in a lot of competitions, even on the national level. It made her parents really proud. Lopez started dating when she turned 15, back in 1984 and the name of her boyfriend was David Cruz.

When Lopez was a senior at high school she decided to go to the audition for the movie My Little Girl (1986).

Jennifer Lopez is single

After she was accepted and tried herself as an actual actress, Jennifer realized it was a great idea to become a professional actress.

Even though it seemed like an unrealistic dream to her parents, she didn’t want to give up and started improving her skills. And thanks to her hard work she actually got what she wanted.

Her parents wanted her to go to college so she decided to please them and got in Baruch College. However, she couldn’t make herself do what she actually never enjoyed so she quitted.

The reason why the parents of Jen were not excited about the idea of becoming a movie star was that there were no Latino actors that could become successful in America.

But Jennifer proved that it doesn’t really matter what colour your skin is. The only thing that matters is your talent and hard work.

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