Is John Dumelo going to marry?

What do you know about marriage? What are John Dumelo wedding plans? How will fans react?

John Dumelo

It seems that being a bachelor for whole life is not the path for every man. John Dumelo, a Ghana`s famous actor recently announced to the Nation News that he has plans to settle down. John Dumelo`s wife is a sure treasure to find as the 32-years actor does not have a particular candidate to fill his heart. He only announced that he desires to find a woman for the marriage in the closest time. Nevertheless, it does not mean that he wishes to rush things and marry that first girl he meets. Still, the fact is that a man is finally ready to meet a woman for his life.

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John Dumelo wedding

According to John Dumelo, he had reasons for getting married a little bit late than his colleagues and friends. In his idea, many young couples get married just because two persons love each other, but they do not know how to support and sustain love in marriage. It`s not an easy task, and it`s certainly a thing to think about before considering lovely wedding dress and pictures. Many divorcees come into life in first two years of marriage as the future couple was not able to face realities of marriage and understand that family is also based on responsibility.

Actor`s wedding

John Dumelo wedding plans should become the reality in this year. Nevertheless, it does not mean that superstar will choose the first girl to become his wife. If you desire to see John Dumelo wedding pictures and videos in near future, you would need to wait. It`s clearly understandable from his speech and intentions that he does not desire to rush things. Moreover, as an experienced bachelor, John Dumelo is expected to be quite choosy regarding finding his love of life. Whatever it takes, fans expect to see the future wife of Dumelo in this year. It`s hoped that plans of John Dumelo to build a strong family which will be based not only on love but also responsibility will become true in this year.

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