Is Kim Kardashian a feminist?

The media claims Kim Kardashian a feminist, but what does the celebrity have to say about it herself? Is it really true? Read this article to find out!

Kim Kardashian

The media has been claiming a lot of celebrities to be feminist. However, Kim Kardashian doesn’t agree with this label. She says that she doesn’t tend to think of herself as a true feminist.

Her statement was revealed during the BlogHer conference that was held for the female bloggers.

Kardashian explained that she doesn’t want to be called feminist even though she supports the idea of equality for men and women.

Even though those two statements might seem incompatible, Kim clearly stated her point. She says that she doesn’t like labels and she prefers to do things that make her a happy person.

She supports women and she thinks that they have to be strong and confident. However, she expressed her dissatisfaction with “free-the-nipple” type of girls and claimed she wasn’t one of them.

All in all, she still sounds pretty much feminist.

After the questions about feminism, Kim was asked to comment her behaviour on social networks. How could she explain why she is constantly posting nudes?

The TV reality show star answered that she felt good and she had nothing to be ashamed of. Even after she delivered a baby she still looks great.

She has to work out all the time and also take care of her kids and husband. And she is very proud that she could get rid of all those extra kilograms.

Kim Kardashian is a star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show which shows her life. Kim says that sometimes people have the wrong opinion about her.

Kim Kardashian

However, she actually works really hard but people don’t tend to notice it. They only judge her for posting nude pictures.

A 35-year-old celebrity says that in case people treat her that way, they need to come and talk to her in person.

She also wants to get to know all those people who think of her as a person who doesn’t do anything.

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When she reads the people’s comments about herself on the social media, she doesn’t understand why they have this attitude.

Some people think that writing blogs is very easy and you don’t have to have any special skill to do it. However, it takes a lot of time to do it and Kim does her best to post at least three a day.

It seems rather weird that she doesn’t want to use the word “feminist” as all her comments point on her being a part of the movement.

Other famous feminist celebrities


This singer is one of the most famous feminist celebrities.

She even wrote an essay about women’s rights and inequality after it was found that there are millions of women in the country who are extremely poor and don’t even have enough money to make a living.

Beyonce thinks it’s very important for all people to have the same rights so that no one suffers that much.

She says that women and men need each other and we can overcome a lot of global issues by working together and by having equality in all areas of life.

The singer thinks that the equality should be taught from the early childhood. Moreover, the girls need to know that they can become whoever they want to be.

Emma Watson

The famous actress Emma Watson also supports the feminists. During one of her Vogue interviews she said that the society is changing and the notion of romance needs to be evolving too.

She considers herself a feminist but she thinks that the modern world has lost the real idea of romance. Emma thinks that love should be redefined.

Emma Watson

People also have to read more books to understand the nature of this wonderful feeling because nowadays a lot of people forgot how to be romantic and how to express their feelings in another way.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was taught about the equality when he was a young kid. When people ask him if he is a feminist he says yes. He talks about it openly.

He shared a lot of his childhood memories during one of the Ellen shows. When they watched TV as a family his mom would always point out that in a lot of shows the guys are shown to be athletes.

And the only function of the girls in those shows is to be pretty and date those boys. His mom taught him that it’s not true and it isn’t like that in real life.

His mom used to say that he needed to forget about the stereotypes and become fully open-minded.

“If you don’t stop thinking about it you might really change your mind about it which isn’t going to be right”, she said.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page is a young actress who has been always fighting for women’s rights. She might be one of the most active Hollywood feminists.

She thinks that the whole world needs to be feminist to change something in the society.

Ellen Page

During one of her interviews she said she had no idea why some people are so scared to claim themselves feminists, just like Kim Kardashian.

There is nothing bad in this word but some people think of it as something radical. However, it might be a good thing, she admits. The world really needs to change and to start thinking in another way.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham who is the host of the “Girls Show” says that she really doesn’t understand those people who aren’t a part of the feminist movement. It’s especially weird when these words are said by the women.

If you think that men and women have to get the same amount of money for doing the same jobs, you are a feminist.

If you think that women can choose whether to live with their husband or divorce, you are a feminist. If you think that both genders have to be absolutely equal, you are a true feminist! So stop being shy about it and just admit it.

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