Is Korede Bello in love with Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend, Tania Omotayo?

It seems like Korede Bello has feeling for the ex-girlfriend of Wizkid! Do you want to know how she feels about him too? Read this article to find out the details.

Korede Bello with Tania Omotay

There are rumours that Korede Bello is in love with Tania Omotayo. Who would think that Nigerian singer would confess his romantic feelings for Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend!

People who follow the lives of these two aren’t sure if it’s going to become a real relationship though. Some time ago Korede said to Tania that he loved her on Snapchat.

Omotayo just wanted to say hi to her new followers when Nigerian singer just decided to talk about his feelings.

Even though the ex of Wizkid hasn’t given any clear respond, people still think that there must be something between those two.

After the scandalous Tania’s breakup with Wizkid their fans wouldn’t stop talking about the future of both of them. People had quite different opinions.

There were those who thought they would make up but there were also a lot of people with realistic expectations. Nevertheless, despite all gossips, Omotayo and Wizkid didn’t become enemies.

In fact, they actually remained friends and still talk to each other. What is more, few months ago Wizkid posted a Happy Birthday tweet where he said a lot of nice words to his ex.

Korede Bello with Tania Omotay

It made their fans believe that they would come back together. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, it might get in the way of Korede and Tania’s love!

Who is Korede Bello?

This Nigerian singer was born in 1996 – so he turned 20 this year. He is a really creative and talented person who also writes his songs himself.

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Bello is quite popular in Nigeria and you can hear his music in almost any public places you go to. “Godwin” is his most famous song.


The name of Nigerian singer can be translated to English as harvest. He was born in Lagos. Moreover, he spent most of his life there too. The schools he attended were also situated in Lagos.

Korede has been really talented since his childhood. He couldn’t live without performing. Therefore, when the kid turned seven he really got into music industry. He chose a really cool pseudonym – African Prince.

Another interesting fact is that Bello actually started writing at a very young age too. However, he only got the chance to improve his skills as a musician a lot later – at high school.

Korede Bello with Tania Omotay

The singer is also a graduate of Nigerian Institute of Journalism. Even though this faculty has nothing to do with music, Korede wouldn’t quit his passion. He continued writing and recording songs.

Therefore, after his first song was released he was noticed by famous Nigerian musician and producer Don Jazzy who helped him with his career.

Moreover, they recorded a few tracks together which was a great step forward in Bello’s career. His most popular songs are called “African Princess” and “Godwin”.

Right now he is recording his new album which is really exciting news for his fans. Currently this Nigerian singer has a contract with Mavin Records.

All in all, there are no guarantees Tania will also fall in love with Bello. Do you think it’s possible that those two will start dating?

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