Is Moyo Lawal's booty real or fake?

Moyo Lawal's booty is one in a million! How did she get it and is it fake or real? Keep reading to find out!

Moyo Lawal

A breathtaking Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has opposed having a butt implant. This artist who claims that she has her fats at the right places has not been seen on screen for quite a long time. Her fans started actively discussing her after seeing the latest photo of her booty which circulated around the Internet and on the web-based social networks. She shared a video while working, as well. She turns down all the gossips that she has had butt implants.

Take a look at Moyo Lawal's booty which attracts attention as soon as the actress ventures out. What do you think? Does she naturally has such a beautiful booty or did she really had a surgery on increasing its size?

Moyo Lawal's BOOTY

Lawal uncovered that the most imperative parts of the female body (like to be boobs and private parts), ought to be kept sacred.

The accentuation on the critical parts of the body lies in her recommendation on dressing decently. On the other hand, the decent dressing varies from one person to the other.

Squats build the booty

Just yesterday, Lawal said that she dresses better than most young ladies who are viewed as nicely dressed in a traditional way.

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