Is Nicki Minaj married?

Is it truth about Nicki Minaj’s marriage? Or there are just gossips? Read the article and find out!

is nicki minaj married?

Did Drake and Nicki Minaj get married? Are they just using Twitter to faux-fulfill their fans' dreams of a high hip-hop coupling?

Young Money's prince and princess tweeted each other on Friday, 27 August afternoon.

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is nicki minaj married?

When Minaj wrote, that she and Drake have got married, their fans started a real festival of happiness.

Shortly afterward, Drake tweeted to prove his marital status. Thus, the reason for joy was officially given.

Asked whether Drake and Minaj did get married, a source close to artists would neither confirm or deny the tweets, but alluded to them being a joke.

This isn't the first time Drake has expressed marital affection for Minaj. On the track, "Miss Me" off his debut album "Thank Me Later," the Toronto rapper rhymes, that his love is endless. The song presented the love story, and prediction of coming marriage was understandable.

is nicki minaj married?

Could wedding bells be chiming for Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill? Just weeks after Meek gave Nicki a humongous diamond ring for her birthday, she started a wedding-related poll on her Twitter.

Nicki Minaj, 33, is continuing to spark major wedding rumors! Although the rapper Meek Mill, 28, have hinted that they want to take their love to the altar, they have yet to announce an official engagement or wedding plans. But on 27 December Nicki proposed a question to her Twitter followers that insinuated she might just be planning a wedding.

Nicki gave no context for her cryptic question, but she took to Twitter to have her fans help her choose where to have her wedding!

Nicki’s first marriage is under discussion since she teased fans with a picture of a giant rock on her left ring finger, it seemed awfully suspicious that Nicki would be so public about her wedding destination without announcing any official engagement!

is nicki minaj married?

Even without an official announcement, though, Nicki’s fans went crazy over the question — there were over 20,000 votes on the tweet! If Nicki listens to her followers, it looks like she and Meek will be tying the knot on a beach. More than 11,600 people want to see Nicki and Meek get married somewhere on the sand…and we can’t blame them! How amazing would that be?

is nicki minaj married?

Up to now, we know that Nicki is ready for marriage in the new year! “Nicki is giving Meek a huge hint with the diamond ring and wants him to pop the question this year,” the source said. “She wants to be married in 2016, but she isn’t engaged yet! He is well aware of the hints and will be getting the job done soon.”


I wonder why people fake like they love, care or something they can never be for long you gotta be yourself for once, me ain't give a f***k about that am just tryina be myself, I don't know if anyone can help me get to where am going, wonna know where am going ? on stage, to the studio I wanna be famous but how can anyone help out ?

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