Is Nollywood actor Amaechi Muonagor seriously ill?

Have you seen any movies with Amaechi Muonagor? And have you heard that he became seriously ill? Read the article and find out whether it is truth or not.

The masterpiece

What has happened with the famous actor and producer? What does the star of Without Goodbye 2, Without Goodbye and The Guilty 2 suffer from?

The movies with his play are absolutely amazing, don't you think so? Now he is in the urgent need of his fans support, as the illness doesn't let him live a normal life.

His majesty

It so sad. His strange ailment began some days ago with the swollen legs, the pain began to develop further. Nowadays the disease has an influence on both his legs. It is dissapointing that he can't move and also sit well.


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Actually he has already been sick playing in the movie - The Spirits, filmed by Eve Esin and Ernest Obi. So, don't miss the chance to share your support and positive emotions with him, he needs this very much.

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