Is Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta married again?

Is Ibrahim Chatta getting married again? Read the article and check the latest news!


It has been over two years since Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta and daughter of the former governor of Kwara state Shaaba Lafiaji broke up. Is he married again?

His marriage to Salamatu was his second marriage, but it was not successful. There are some news today, that actor is getting married again. Are they true?

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His first wife Olayinka Solomon publically declared that Ibrahim beat and insulted her. Those are the main reasons for their divorce.  


For his second wife the money question was the reason to break up. She could not live in those conditions, which actor provided for her, due to her rich background.


The third woman he is marrying today, on the first of October 2016, declared about her pregnancy. So, it is logically to think, that this is the main reason for their marriage.

Rumors say that this woman is famous in show business and she performs with the name Laide but she was called Lizzie Berry by close pals earier.

At this point there isn’t any news about location of the wedding or her background, but we keep our fingers crossed for more details.


Of course, we wish Ibrahim and his beloved lots of love and happiness in their marriage!

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