Is Nollywood actor Tunde Alabi seriously ill?

Is it true that a great veteran actor of Nollywood is seriously ill and needs funds for his treatment? We have an answer; you can find it in our article.

Tunde Alabi

The saddest news in Nollywood: an actor that was there at the beginning of the Nigerian TV, is now very sick. Tunde Alabi is known to be in the hospital with his leg on the edge of being amputated.

Doctors claim that if they amputate his leg, they might be able to save his life. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest time in the life of this actor. Apparently, he has no place to live and no one to take care of him, so he was on the edge of being asked to leave the hospital and let people that can pay for staying there take his place.

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The reason for such a financial distress in the life of Tunde Alabi is due to his diabetes. He had to sell his stuff to be able to treat his disease. Now, having nowhere to go and no one to ask for help, he was given mercy. Other celebrities that know him from the times when he was an active actor in Nollywood have decided to raise funds for his treatment. They state that it is unbelievable that a man like Tunde Alabi can be left with no sufficient support and in such trouble.

They have started a campaign where they mentioned that once Tunde Alabi used to be an actor at the Village Headmaster TV show. Even though his acting career is now in the past, Tunde Alabi is a bright personality that deserves the better life than he has now.

Tunde Alabi TV show

Tunde Alabi was on the TV in the days when Nigerian television was only at its dawn. He was there to help promote it and make it a better place. He truly is the veteran of this field and should be supported by his fellow actors and those that are in the show-business today. They should not forget that if it were not for people like Tunde Alabi, they might be no Nigerian television at all.

Tunde Alabi is a kind of actor people remember about for a long time even after he stops taking part in the filming activities. His experience on stage was of an excellent value and should be respected. That is why his former colleagues are running a campaign to raise money for his treatment. According to their words, the actor can be found at the General Hospital in Lagos.

Since Tunde Alabi is sick and is about to have his leg amputated, no visitors can come. But you can donate money for his treatment and send him a few words of support. He will really appreciate it. He needs to know that he is not forgotten and that people care for him even if he is not a leading actor any longer.

Tunde Alabi is not too optimistic, as he is sick. But he hopes that God will save him and gives him enough funds for treatment.

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