Is Nollywood actress Adokiye Kyrian gay?

Is Nollywood celebrity Adokiye Kyrian really gay? Or is it just a rumor? Read the article and find out the latest news!

adokiye kyrian

Nollywood actress Adokiye Kyrian aggressively let people know that she is not gay. She also declared that she is a virgin and there isn’t a man she wants to lose it with.

The Jombolo singer assumed that she was a virgin two years ago. She promised that this fact would not change until 2016.

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Adokiye Kyrian, 25-year-old Nollywood actress, told the Punch that she receives million of letters from her fans, which ask her to come clean with her sexuality and want her to tell that she’s gay. They think it will be better than claiming about her virginity.

adokiye kyrian

Kyrian says: “A lot of people are tagging me gay. I don’t blame them. It’s not easy to find a beautiful girl who’s still a virgin, especially in this tough period. The truth is, I love men, I adore them, I cherished them and got so much respect for them, but my problem is, I haven’t found that somebody yet, to give my body and heart to. It doesn’t mean I am a lesbian or gay or what not.”

The singer further disclosed that she is looking out for a man that is “responsible, someone that would respect me and be God-dreading."

adokiye kyrian

So, we hope, that Adokiye will find her love soon.

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