Is Nollywood actress Seyi Edun pregnant?

Seyi Edun is a rising star of Nollywood. Did she get pregnant? Keep on reading to find out...

Seyi and her man

There are the rumors that young talented Nollywood actress Seyi Edun is pregnant for Adeniyi Johnson. However, the couple denies this statement.

Some witnesses spotted pregnant Seyi Edun with Niyi Johnson at a city mall on Sunday night. Seyi was already a few months pregnant. It seemed that she was still having the “morning” sickness because sometimes she was holding her arms on her stomach.

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The witnesses reported that an elderly woman who looked like Seyi's sister was driving them in Seyi's car while Seyi was sitting with her hands on the tummy and her eyes closed. In addition, someone heard Adeniyi Johnson listening to the instructions of the woman to take care of Seyi.

Happy couple

We don’t know for sure if the news about Seyi Edun is true or false. If she’s really pregnant, she can’t hide it for too long. The world will for sure know about it! Another question is whether Seyi Edun and Adeniyi Johnson are in love. Although they both deny it, they look good together.

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