Is Nollywood producer Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri dead?

Is it true that a young Nollywood producer Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri died? What happened? Let’s find out more about this here.

Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri died

The world of Nollywood was saddened with a horrible news about the death of a leading producer,  Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri. She was only thirty-six years old. So young and full of dreams and aspirations.

Her name might not sound familiar to you, but she had an outstanding career. She has mastered the art of film production as well as directing, production management and feature films.

The saddest part about her death is that no one expected this to happen now. She was not sick or anything, but she complained that she has severe pains in her peptic ulcer. The sources say that she was taken to the hospital after complaining of these pains. She always had sharp pains during the menstrual period.

Ansa Kpokpogri

Doctors claim that this condition is known as Endometriosis. As a result of this condition she was barren, and could not have children. Still willing to have children, her husband and her decided to adopt an orphan.

This took place two years ago. A beautiful baby girl became their daughter. She was so loved by her late mother. This situation makes everything even worse: not only her husband is shaken with grief, but her beloved daughter will have to be raised without mother’s support and care.

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So, what happened to her? They say that on that sad day, she came to the hospital complaining of the pains. Doctors gave her some pills and sent her home to lie down and get some sleep until the pain goes away. That is exactly what she did. However, she never woke up after that. She dies peacefully in her sleep.

If talking about her career, Ansa Kpokpogri was behind producing and filming popular shows like Tinsel and Africa Magic production. She has a been a wonderful colleague and a great personality. She stayed on good terms with everyone she worked with including Emem Isong and Blessing Effiom Egbe.

Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri

Here is what Uduak Isong Oguamanam, whom Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri used to work with before she died, wrote about this in her social network profile:

“Grief. It makes you remember things. Minute details, like the sound of their feet, the color of their hair and the sweet smell of their body spray. It makes you regret. The holidays you never took, the movies you never watched together, the visits you kept planning to but never made. It reminds you of your mortality. You wonder if there’s a row call and what your number is on the list. Death doesn’t warn you. One moment you’re laughing with a loved one, your head was thrown back, with wanton abandon, the next your eyes are bloodshot from weeping for a loss so deep no one can understand. I’ll never understand, never come to terms with your death. You were many things to me; Friend. Sister. Business partner. Supporter. Colleague. My life was better because you were in it. Sleep well my beautiful, adorable, amazing Ansa. Till we meet again to part no more.”

Her family and friends did not comment on this. They asked for time to grieve. Rest in peace,  Ansa Bassey Kpokpogri. We will remember you!

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