Is Nomoreloss singer lost? – Death of famous Nigerian singer in Lagos

Another grave loss in NIgeria - Nomoreloss singer and comedian is gone. Learn the details now.

Another sad loss in Nigerian show biz. Famous singer, comedian and song writer Nomoreloss is dead. How did he die? What heritage has he left? Let’s answer some of these questions.

nomoreloss is dead

Nomoreloss biography

The real name of the comedian and singer was Olumuyiwa Osinuga, while Nomoreloss was his stage name. At the time of death he was around 40 years of age. Osinuga “No more loss” passed away on Monday 21, 2016 in hospital. Earlier he was diagnosed with Typhoid fever which was apparently the cause of his death.

nomoreloss is gone

He has started his career back in 1999. Nomoreloss was born in Lagos. A.D.R.A.O. International School was his first alma mater. Besides being a singer and performer, he also was a radio and TV host. His very first single was named Kilode and back in 1999 he also recorded his first album.

nomoreloss comedian is dead

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In 2003 he recorded Inspired album, which became the best record of the year. Plus, Nomoreloss Ololufe was several times nominated to receive Award for Musical Excellence in Nigeria, as well as other prestige awards. He also took active part in Save OJB Campaign campaign. That is what will always remember him for.

In 2015 the singer released his last album called Grass to Grace. Kunle Ajayi was one of the music teachers of Nomoreloss.

Nomoreloss family

nomoreloss wife

He had a family. His wife was Adeola Osinuga from Rhythm 93.7 FM and the couple had a daughter born in 2011.

nomoreloss daughter

Nomoreloss death

For all we know, Olumuyiwa Osinuga was ill during the January of 2016. He seemed to be struggling with the lethal diseases for a long while.  No details of his death or burial are yet available. R.I.P., Nomoreloss. 

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