Is OJB Jezreel really dead?

Is OJB JEZREEL dead? Another sad loss in Nigeria.

 OJB Jezreel die?

Nigerian show biz and Nollywood suffered many grave losses this year. Seems like it all has started with the death of Dede OneDay comedian at the end of 2015. Now there is more sad news – OBJ Jezreel is dead!

When did OJB Jezreel die?

This man was one of the veterans among music producers. This man was one of the key persons in Wizkid’s career. He has discovered many other prominent musicians in Nigeria, such as 2face and others.

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The man died on June 13 in the morning. His real name was Babatunde Okungbowa and OJB Jezreel was the stage name. He passed away in Lagos, in its Isolo General Hospital. The man was almost 50 (he did not live just one month till his birthday). 

The death was sad, but not sudden. Three years ago the man went to India to do his kidney transplantation surgery. He got an organ from his first wife named Mama J. Two weeks ago the man got sick again. And this time no operation saved his life.

These few days have been very tough and unfortunate for Nigeria, as it has already lost two of its famous sons Shuaibu Amodu and Stephen Keshi. And now we have another death taking place.

R.I.P. OJB Jezreel and may God comfort your family and friends.

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