Is Papa Wemba dead? – Death on the stage

What are the circumstances the famous singer death? What became its reason? Read the article about the afflicting event.

Papa Wemba, who is better known as King of Rumba Rock around the world, died after collapse on a stage during concert. He was 67 years old. Congolese Minister of Culture has confirmed death of musician on Sunday and called it ‘a big loss for the country and all Africa’.

Papa Wemba

The finished shooting video record at the latest concert, where Papa Wemba performed on Saturday night, April 23, shows how supporting performers rushed to the singer when he fell on the scene. The reason of death is still unknown.

Fans mourn loss of the popular musician. Papa Wemba songs are known all over the world. He began the career in Zaiko Langa Langa, one of the most popular groups from Congo. Then the musician passed to extraordinary solo career, made many tours and influenced on generations of singers with his falsetto. Papa Wemba Yolele is one of the famous songs of singer. It was released in 1995 and included in album ‘Emotion’. It is still loved by admirers of music.

Papa Wemba songs

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Followers also remember Papa Wemba thanks to his scandalous life. In 2004, he was charged in complicity of illegal migration and arrested for 3 months. In 2012, the court of Belgium sentenced him to 15 months of imprisonment and a fine of €22 000 for the same crime. He also was in prison of Zaire because of relations with daughter of local general.

Papa Wemba was also an idol of style, inspiring generations of the young fashionable Africans, better known as sapeurs. The singer told that he was pushed by his own parents to creation of stylish sets of clothes. They always beautifully put on and looked very fashionably.

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