Is Phyno going to release a new album?

Interested in Phyno`s art and want to know about his next album release?Find more information in our article.

Right or wrong?

Famous Nigerian rapper Phyno, whose previous album “No gut, no glory” was released in the year 2014 is going to release his new album The Playmaker soon, in November. His fans are already going crazy and cannot wait anymore to hear this new album. There are a lot of gossips concerning his new work, and some people say that new album will differ completely from the previous one. Someone says that it will be not a hip-hop album, and it may be true because everyone knows how much Phyno likes different music experiments in his work.

There are already some real hits, which this album includes, so it looks quite promising for Phyno`s fans.

On the 31 of October rapper unveiled the official list of songs.

His personality

The album will consist of 20 songs. Some of them were written in collaboration with other famous singers, such as 2Baba, Psquare, Olamide, Flavour and others.

This year became very fruitful and successful for Phyno. Except for the album, he gave a number of great concerts and was a headliner of some festivals. He gave concerts not only in Nigeria but also in other countries, including the USA.

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Anyway, we cannot judge until we hear the album itself.

Noisy party

And the only thing we can do now is to wait for November 1 when the album is released.

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