Is Ramsey Nouah married to his baby mama?

Life of celebrities is always full of secrets and mysteries. Rumors and true facts go in a chain-like way. Ramsey Nouah and his marriage is under discussion today.

ramsey nauah
Ramsey Nouah  has been called “Lover-Boy” for his numerous roles in the romantic films. In 2010 Noah won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the Best Picture award winning film The Figurine.

Ramsey Nouah is considered to be one of the most sought-after players in Nigeria.

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ramsey nauah

Ramsey Nouah's marriage

He is believed to be a married father of two. But there was no official information about his marriage.

His relationship with Emelia Philips produced two children, Quincy, a boy and Camil, a girl.

ramsey nauah

A Source from Nollywood informed another source at a press briefing in Abuja that the handsome Nollywood Actor, Ramsey Nouah isn’t married, as he didn’t marry his baby mama, Emelia Philips. Emelia Philips was thought to be his official wife.

According to the rumors that the two had divorced there is a statement that there is nothing like divorce in a common – law – relationship with no certificate of official marriage.

This fact apparently explains why the actor, Ramsey Nouah, has never been spotted with a wedding ring.

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