Is the sextape of The Game and Nicki Minaj leaked online real or fake?

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is always in the middle of different scandals. When the picture, when she was young, appeared in web, the publicity began talking about her numerous plastic surgeries. But what will people saying after appearing of The Game And Nicki Minaj sextape?

The Game And Nicki Minaj

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The leaked sextape of the new couple, The Game and Nicki Minaj, is considered to be secretly recorded some time ago, shows guys having sex in their room.

 A lot of people consider this video fake, as even you have seen at least one video of singer, such as Nicki Minaj Anaconda, for example, than you would know, that her boobs and booty are quite big, but the girl is quite ‘flat’.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Well, everyone has his own opinion; however this video is still hitting all the records in web. So even if it is fake, someone is making good on money on it, as celebrities’ sextapes are always popular and stay relevant for a long time.

You can watch the sextape of The Game and Nicki Minaj here.

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