Is Tony Akposheri’s daughter getting married?

Have you heard about the future wedding of the second daughter of extremely talented and experienced Nollywood actor Tony Akposheri? Read the article and find out more details.

Tony Akposheri

Recently on the Internet appeared new fantastic photo shoot of Omoefe Akposheri, younger daughter of the experienced and extremely famous Nollywood actor Tony Akposheri, who devoted to the Nigerian cinema about 40 years. These photos are probably devoted to the future wedding of the couple. The couple decided to follow quite popular nowadays trend: making a photo session at the point of the wedding ceremony.

There is information that Omoefe Akposheri is going to get married soon with the successful director of a very prospering and flourishing Nigerian company.

We can brightly see on these photos how deep their love is. Photos are absolutely amazing, with gentle and sensual shots. The couple looks very happy, relaxed and enjoying the company of each other.

We can just be happy about them and wish a good luck in their future family life.

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