Is Tupac alive?

Did you hear the last rumor that Tupac Shakur was never killed? Did he really plan his “death” as a plan to hide from the public? Let’s see what facts say about this situation.

Tupac Shakur lives

The news of possible Tupac’s Shakur resurrection went viral online. Tupac’s fans cannot li e with the idea that their favorite singer was murdered; therefore any even the craziest hint about him being alive seems fair and true to them.

That is why when a few years ago someone suggested that a man that was filmed in one of the videos for Occupy demo was really Tupac who was not murdered but rather hiding and planning on coming out of his hiding any time soon.

Tupac alive

However, let us start from the very beginning. For those of you who have no idea who Tupac really is, here is a number of quick facts:

  • Tupac was born in 1971 in New York. His real name was Lesane Parish Crooks. However, he chose his stage name after a revolutionary whose name was Tupac Amaru.
  • He first started rapping after moving to Baltimore as a MC New York.
  • Tupac used to be a member of a Communist organization on the United States.
  • He first came on stage as a background dancer, and wrote his first album within less than a week. The cover of the album was a crucified man; however, the singer explained that he had no intentions of offending Christ by such a cover.
    tupac resurrection
  • Shakur Tupac was in relationship with Madonna for some time.
  • Finally, Shakur Tupac was the first singer ever to get into the Billboard 200 while being in prison.

You have probably got the taste of Tupac’s controversies and realized why there might be a possibility that a person like Tupac truly could hide in Cuba. Moreover, some claim that he was even planning to perform his own resurrection later.

Despite his talents and gifts, he was killed at a very early age of 25. He was at the fight of Mike Tyson and then left for his car when a couple gunmen passing by opened fire and severely wounded him.

Tupac was immediately taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the celebrity spent six days in the hospital under close surveillance of the doctors, and died from wounds he received at the shooting.

Tupac being alive

The reporters back then stated that the fans refused to believe that he would pass away so young. Therefore, after no official funeral was held and no autopsy results were announced, the fans started spreading rumors that Tupac got better and just hid. The official date of Tupac’s death was September 13, 1996. However, the fans claim that he is still alive and is now 45 years old.

Not so long ago the fans of Tupac shared a bunch of pictures which allegedly shoed that Tupac is not dead but rather is hiding. The first picture was with him and Rihanna. They followed this picture with a statement: “Tupac is planning on coming out from hiding”, or “the resurrection of Tupac”.

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However, this picture has recently been proven fake one as if taking a closer look at it, one can see that Rihanna was added into the picture with the Photoshop magic. Though such an unmasking was pretty persuasive, people still did not want to agree with the fact that Tupac really died.

tupac and rihanna

That is why they found another proof of him being alive. This time it is a picture of him in a bright yellow raincoat standing in a crowd on Occupy demo. Fans noted that the man looked just like Tupac did, with even his famous dimples where they used to be.

There are also those who argue that this can be true, as it is not possible for Tupac o both be alive and not age at all. The man on the picture looked too young to be a 45 year old singer in hiding.

Finally, fans did not make their peace with Tupac’s death, so they grasp for any chance or a hint he could be alive. Even so, we can wait for more rumors to emerge about the mystery behind Tupac’s death. Be careful when you hear them, as they can be just another manipulation as well as a real proof of him being alive.

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