Is Veteran Nollywood Actor Elder Maya Dead?

Is it true that Elder Maya was sick and then died? When did it happen and what do we know about this sad news? Keep reading to find out more details.

Elder Maya

It is always sad to learn that our favorite actors or any other people we used to look up to pass away. And it is even more true when it comes to the first-comers in the industry: they are loved, known and will be greatly missed.

This time, a well-known Nollywood actor Elder Maya passed away. The news that Elder Maya is dead shook the family. However, they state given his condition they knew it was going to happen soon. They hoped that he would recover; however, as it turned out the disease was bigger than he could bear.

We are all saddened that Elder Maya died. He was a great actor and a wonderful friend. No wonder that as soon as the news of his sickness became known in May, his friends started a campaign to raise money to save his life. Elder Maya had a disease in his liver and suffered a lot from it. He could not work or even move, as in view of his illness his legs got too swollen to be able to live a normal life.

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Thanks to his fame, this sad news became known, and one of the leading politicians donated money to help save Elder Maya’s life. The family of the late actor announced that they need about one million Naira to pay the hospital bills of their father. And that is precisely how much they were offered for his treatment.

Elder Maya dead

They did not disclose the information on whether they ever got the money or they were only offered to have them. On Friday, the actor died, but he left his footprint in the hearts of many. Elder Maya usually played a priest in Nollywood films.

Among the latest movies, he was in are “The Barrister” (2006), “Indemnity 2” (2006) and “De prof 2” (2007). Rest in peace, dear Elder Maya!

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