Is Wizkid the best dressed pop star according to Vogue?

Do you like Wizkid? Do you think he has got a style? Find out which major magazine thinks so too.

What are the latest Wizkid news? You will be surprised to know that he has become one of the Nigerian celebs, recently mentioned in Vogue! Let’s find out more about this fact and Wizkid 2016 style.

wizkid most fashionable

Wizkid’s music is not the only thing he is famous for. This African superstar is extremely stylish. He says that he loves fashion very much.

One of the latest Wizkid songs, Ojuelegba, has become a world hit. It represents elegant rhymes, perfect Afropop style, and charisma of the performer. The same is with his sense of style. This young artist is just 25, but he has already achieved a lot. He is well-known for his endorsement deals and not only for outstanding hits. You can always find out more about Wizkid biography and his private life in some of our other articlzs.

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wizkid style

Wizkid favorite brand

wizkid dresses well

As the musician says, he prefers clothes from different designers. He shops from everywhere, including Givenchy, Adyn, Rick Owens, and so on. Besides, he prefers to make use of services from local tailors in Lagos. They use special materials from various parts of Nigeria and create traditional stuff for the celeb. And then Wizkid just combines that stuff with his everyday outfit! Isn’t it creative?

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Native Nigerian style

ngierian attire wizkid

Wizkid is proud of his country and its traditions. He admits that while in Nigeria, he wears only traditional African fabrics. Thus, he also motivates the younger generation to do so. With his help, traditional culture is being popularized.

wizkid style nigeria

People in Lagos, as he says, apply fresh and different styles. Even the tailors are extremely creative, as they keep making new things all the time. In fact, those sophisticated people are the key feature of Nigerian fashion. Probably, that is why Wizkid has become one of the most stylish stars in Africa according to Vogue. 


Baba nla deserves it cos he is good and neat at dressing much money much swags stay bless i believe in you..you will make naija proud feeling the beat..baba nla we dey wait 4 ur nxt single o we stil feeling baba nla#DImzy

Answered 1 year ago.

This man uses very interesting way to express himself combining clothes from fashionable designers and national traditional outfit. That makes Wizkid very bright and interesting person who shows deep respect to his origin and inspires his fans to do the same. Wizkid is a really talented person with great style. It will be supercool to get that taste which he posses. He has good taste, he is aware of modern streams in dressing up and uses bright colours. Wizkid looks cool when he wears traditional clothes.

Answered 1 year ago.
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