Is Yinka Ayefele a Muslim?

Did you hear the rumors that Yinka Ayefele converted into Islam? Is it true? Where does this news come from? Read the article to find out.

These days many people were claiming that Yinka Ayefele converted into Islam. The backgraound for such a news was not yet known; however, the rumor was spreading very fast throughout Nigeria until the singer himself explained the situation.

Yinka Ayefele stated that he always was and still remains a Christian. Moreover, as the celebrity claimed he saw no reasons for such a rumor. As the fans explained, they saw Yinka Ayefele together with one of the prominent Islamic teachers on a lecture dedicated to Ramadan. That is when they thought that it was very much likely that Yinka Ayefele could convert into Islam.

The celebrity, though, in spite of spreading of the news stated that his appearance on air with the Muslim leader had nothing to do with his possible conversion. He explained later that he strongly believes that when people presenting two different religions communicate istead of avoiding each other, the cahnces of keeping the peace in the country is much higher than ever.

Yinka Ayefele also underlined that he hoped that he would have more occasions like this to meet with prominent figures where he could share his beliefs as well through his music. The representatives of the celebrity also noted that Yinka Ayefele had no doubts in his faith and no intentions of converting to a different religion.

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First of all, who are not familiar with the work of Yinka Ayefele, I believe it is worth mentioning why he is so popular that even his religious worldview and possible conversion got so much attention.

Yinka Ayefele started as a radio representor in Ibadan. Later he was chosen as a reporter and a representor at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria which was huge for him at that time. Being a charismatic and bright personality, he could have achieved great heights in this are; however, life turned out to be different for him and probably even better than he hoped.

Interesting enough is that his career only started after a serious accident. He survived in a major accident, which was a miracle itself. It was not his genuine desire to start singing but rather an idea offered to him by a friend. Yinka Ayefele spent more than half a year in the hospital being not able to move. It turned out that during the accident, he severely damaged his spinal cord, and that meant that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Yinka Ayefele, though being young, did not give up. He did condemn God for the accident and remained a faithful Christian. Once his friend, Kola Olawuyi, came to see him in the hospital and announced that he had an idea of writing a song together with Yinka Ayefele.

The idea was absolutely brilliant, even though the future celebrity did not see it that way right away. Nevertheless, as a result two friends wrote a few songs together, Yinka Ayefele wrote some of them himself – and his first album was released. Considering the difficult situation Yinka Ayefele was in at the time most of the songs he wrote were about the painful experience from both physical and emotional perspective. The album was named “Bitter Experience” and was released in 1998.

The following year Yinka Ayefele released his next album called “Sweet Experience” as a reflection on all the comfort and strength he got after the accident. He released the total of twenty albums among which are “Divine Intervention”, “New Dawn”, “Everlasting Grace” and “Goodness of God”.

Another point worth noting is that the celebrity gained incredible popularity, for his songs are meaningful and deep not to mention his great talent and all the efforts he put into each of the songs.

On top of that, the singer composes and sings songs in the gospel style, which is an African American religious, namely Christian, music. It is wondrous that all of his songs carry a deep Christian meaning, and are mostly describing that attributes of the God of the Bible. So it is quite surprising that people might have thought that one day he would convert to Islam.

What is more. Yinka Ayefele was awarded with numerous prestige prizes and honors. For instance, he was honored with an award of the cultural ambassador of the Ekiti state.

The example Yinka Ayefele sets is worth knowing. His life proclaims that you can always make a difference even if you are chained to a wheelchair. His life story should remind each of us that every experience we face in our lives can become a crucial one in the whole big picture of your life and a turning point for you. So do not lose hope and keep moving forward, and maybe one day you will bring as much joy and light into lives of people as Yinka Ayefele does.

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