Iyanya and Banky who is richer and more famous?

How do you think which one of them is the best, richest and most famous? Learn now.

Who is the most prominent performer in Nigerian music industry? Who deserves our attention and praise more than the others? Get to know new interesting facts about early lives and careers of Banky and Iyanya right now!

Iyanya and Banky

Banky biography

The real name of this R&B artist is Olubankole Wellington (while his stage name is Banky W). His parents are Nigerians. However, he was born in the US. At the age of 5, his family took him back to Lagos. There he started singing in church choir. When he finished secondary school, he went to New York. There he obtained Engineering degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Banky did not quit music while studying. He even participated in Albany Idol and won it. After this, he got to the top of the industry really fast. He worked and tried hard to deserve attention, loyalty, and love of his fans. Later, Banky founded his own record label. He is also famous for being the first official ambassador of Samsung electronics in Nigeria.

Banky biography

His debut album Back in the Building was released in 2005. There was one in 2003 as well, but it was jointly owned by EP. He has recorded five albums in total by now.


How old is Banky?

He was born in 1981. He is now 34. However, he has already received eight awards.

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How old is Banky?

Is Banky married?

Every girl still has a chance to get this handsome artist’s heart. Banky is not currently married. He says he will do it some time, but only when he finds a right lady for this. As Banky claims, marriage is the most important decision in the life of every man. In fact, he does not want to reveal all the details of his private life to the public. Besides, he is one of few celebrities, who has not been involved in any romantic scandals yet.

Is Banky married?

Ilyana biography

Ilyana was born in Cross River in 1986. Real name of this prominent artist is Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk. Both of his parents died in 2008. His father was a forester, and his mother was head mistress.

Ilyana biography

Iyanya started singing in the church in his native town. At the age of 5, he was also master for the children's choir. He finished school in Calabar, and obtained Business Management degree in University of Calabar.


Soon after his graduation, he began singing in karaoke bar. It helped him to develop his vocal skills. Professional career in music for Ilyana started as a rapper named Lofty. In 2009, his debut album was released. It happened after winning the MTN Project Fame. He has recorded three albums by now. He prefers Afropop and R&B genres in music.

Is Iyanya a Nigerian?

Sometimes people ask such question. The answer is positive. Iyanya’s native town is Calabar. It is situated in Cross River state. His career and love to music started there.

Is Iyanya a Nigerian?

Is Iyanya married?

As many Nigerian artists, Ilyana is very serious about marriage issue. That’s why he does not want to hurry. He currently has a girlfriend, whose name is Freda Francis.

Freda Francis.

Banky and Iyanya – who is richer and better looking?

Now let’s compare the popularity and incomes of these two outstanding musicians.

How much is Iyanya worth?

He owns about $12.5 million, which is 2.5 million naira. He gets his money from music and different deals, such as one with MTN. Besides, he is extremely popular. One of his hit songs Kukere got 15 million views on YouTube. What is more, this singer is internationally known as loved.

Banky and Iyanya

As for Banky W, he has only $7.1 million. He has plenty of endorsements, such as ones with Samsung and Etisalat. The record label of his own also adds to his wealth. Besides, Banky is not married yet and does not have girlfriend. It raises his fame among the female population.

Who is better? Let’s wait and see! Both artists have lots of awards. Ilyana is a bit richer though. But situation may change soon.

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