Jackie Appiah vs Nadia Buari: who is hotter and better looking?

How did career of Nadia Buari begin? What movies did provide her popularity? Read the article to learn biography of the actress.

There is a hot rivalry between two actresses - Jackie Appiah vs Nadia Buari. Both of them deserve to be called the most beautiful and hot actresses. So who is better?

Jackie Appiah vs Nadia Buari

How old is Jackie Appiah?

The actress was born on the 5th of December, 1983. She is 32 years old now.

How old is Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah biography

Appiah was born in large family in Canada. She spent all her childhood in this country. Then she moved with mother to Ghana. In 2005, the girl has married. She has one son.

Career of the actress began thanks to Edward Seddoh Junio. She has played Enyonam Blagogee role in his well-known TV series of Things We Do For Love. She is also famous for participation in other known TV-shows. The girl remembers the first casting. It was Divine Love. According to the actress, she had to play Kate's role and worried very much. However, she could make an impression on everyone. The actress considers that her most successful role was in Mummy’s Daughter where she played Princess.

Jackie Appiah biography

But other Jackie Appiah movies are also known to the viewers, for example, Nollywood ones, such as Black Soul and Bitter Blessing.

The woman became the owner of Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Award. She is also the heroine of advertising. She can be seen on social commercials against AIDS and HIV. GSMF became her first TV-advertising. Jackie Appiah Instagram has one million followers. She likes to post photos from various events in different beautiful dresses.

How old is Nadia Buari

How old is Nadia Buari?

Nadia was born on the 21th of November, 1982. She is 33 years old.

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Nadia Buari biography

Nadia Buari was born in a family of Ghanaian musician. She studied at University of Ghana. In school days, the girl actively took part in community of drama and dances.

Nadia Buari biography

For the first time, she was shown on national television in 2005. It was Games People Play series. Then she played in Mummy's Daughter and Beyonce. She has got a role of daughter of the president. In total, woman has played more than in 20 movies. Then she was engaged in creation of her own film.

Success in Nollywood has come to the actress in 2008. Beyonce & Rihanna, in which she played one of leading roles, became her first movie. The film became very popular. Buari also cooperated with the famous actor Jim Iyke. In 2013, she became an owner of award by Nigerian Entertainment. The awards ceremony took place in New York.

is Nadia Buari married

Many people interest is Nadia Buari married. In January 2014 she dated with Jim Iyke. In March the actor offered Buari marry him. The actress is a mother of two children now.


The rivalry between the actresses will was always there competition between loved ones, not to mention anything about show business, where everyone wants to better illuminate. And these two actresses are very good and interesting, and for each there is a job to someone like one who is different, all the same can never be. And each person has their own pros and cons, as well as an actress, so to judge who is better, it seems to me stupid. In this article, these actresses I were new again, and in my opinion, they are both good.

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