Jackie Chan will get Oscar

One of the most talented actors will at last get Oscar award. Read the article to know more.

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According to the Internet editions, Jackie Chan finally will become one of Oscar winners. The highest level specialists - members of the American Academy – eventually estimated Jackie Chan’s  contribution to the movie industry.  Jackie was announced to be awarded an honorary "Oscar" for his services to the art of cinema. The ceremony will take place in November at a special ceremony, which is organized by the Council of the Management Academy. Until now, Chan was not even once nominated . But being at the age of 62, played in an incredible number of famous films. Jackie is adored by millions of viewers of all ages around the world.

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Chan started his outstanding film career at the age of eight. In his youth, Jackie earned as an assistant  at the film studio, but soon the Chinese film directors began to invite him to a major role. The real breakthrough in Chan's career was the film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow". That work demanded fulfilling tricks by himself. The picture did not become a hit in Hong Kong, but also served as an impetus to the development of comedy genre. Since then, Jackie had to try himself as a director, screenwriter, operator, editor, lighting and even composer. He went through the long way of his career.  In the 90s Chan began to act actively in Hollywood, finally presented himself as the Big Screen  World Star.

During his long career as an actor Chan acted in more than 120 films, and in most of them he starred. 17 films he directed as a director, in 45 projects was the producer wrote  15 songs.

We can not say that Jackie’s sparkling talent has not been recognized in America earlier. He was awarded different prizes - for example, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, MTV Movie Award, not to mention the fact that he was awarded a personal star on the Hollywood Fame Alley.

Jackie is a highly paid actor. Only in the third part of "Rush Hour," he was paid $ 20 million plus 15 percent of the money collected at the box office. So it is not surprising that Chan takes the second place on the Forbes list as the actor who has earned most over the last year. Chan is the second, just behind Dwayne Johnson.

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Oscar award

 Just is necessary to remind that  Oscar Prize for outstanding achievements in the cinema was established in 1948.  As usually during the sixty years laureates awarding   was held in the framework of the annual Oskar ceremonies.  Later academics began to carry out the  Governors Council  Special Award at Governors Awards event. This year the golden statuettes will find their owners on   November the 12th.

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