Joburg Film Festival 2016: Movie with Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu is set to premiere in Africa

Did you hear about a premiere of a new work of a talented African director Rahamatou Keita "Zin'nariya" at the Joburg Film Festival? Read about it in the article.

Joburg Film Festival

A new African film 'Zin'nariya' came out on the 3 and 4 November during the Joburg Film Festival.

The movie was filmed in the Niger Republic by extremely talented director Rahamatou Keita. The main stars of the film were famous Kannywood actor with a big amount of awards, Ali Nuhu, and a real beauty Sara Keita.

The plot of the film tells us about a student from a very rich and aristocratic family, named Tiyaa. She returned home for winter holidays from her university in France. She is waiting for the arrival of her boyfriend, with whom she is going to marry soon. He wants to make her a proposal according to all the rules, in front of her parents who should very pleased by this marriage.

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Her boyfriend is also a member of a very good and rich family. And everything seems very rose-coloured for the couple.


Tiyaa wants to confidentially tell her friends about the engagement. And she is very happy about everything that is happening in her life. But something is suddenly going wrong, and her husband-to-be does not come to her in time.

Want to know what is going to be next? Faster goes to the cinema and see with your own eyes.

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