Katy Perry gets arrested for a nude election campaigning

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Katy Perry gets arrested for stripping off in a polling station

Katy Perry gets arrested for stripping off in a polling station in a Funny Or Die voting sketch.

Earlier this week, a vocal supporter of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released a teaser picture of the video on 26 September 16 (Monday night) predating of the first televised debate between Trump and Clinton. She also told fans that they will see her "vote naked" on 27 September 16.

While Monday night's debate between Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have left a bad taste in your mouth, your vote is still more important than ever - such suggestions were scattered across the United States.

More recently, Katy Perry shared on her page on Instagram interesting phrase: "TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD".

So peculiar manner, famous pop star called to vote citizens of the Americas in the election on November 8. Katy Perry was not alone, she teamed up with Funny or Die and Rock the Vote on Voters Registration Day.

She has now released on her Twitter the comedy sketch, in which she encourages, in a funny mood, the U.S. public to vote. On the video, Katy Perry she gets out of bed and walks to vote in white pajamas printed with a pattern of the U.S. flag, and messy hair filled with pieces of popcorn and a lollipop. She tells that they can go to the polling station wearing whatever they like.

This year you can look like s**t when you vote.

"Hi I'm Katy Perry, you know, November 8th is election day and I've got some great news," – she said in a funny infomercial-style voice.

"This year you can look like s**t when you vote. Yep, I've briefly scanned the constitution and nowhere does it say you can't just roll our of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. In the name of democracy, any out-of-bed look is A-OK."

After Katy Perry has listed all the people who are unusually dressed in a polling station, she strips off her pajamas and gets completely naked. In place of the intimate organs Katy Perry appear two thick black bars to cover her modesty.

In place of the intimate organs Katy Perry appear two thick black bars to cover her modesty.

Katy Perry thinks that people, especially young people, should be involved in the political situation in the country.

"I am asking you to have an open mind and to use your voice, because on November 8, it will be just as powerful as any NRA lobbyist," she told the crowd. "You will have as much say as any billionaire. Because it's not where you come from but what you grow into."

And yeееp!!! The whole online quotes her excellent phrase: “Yes, let those babies loose”

Before she could finish the phrase, the police arrived and handcuffed Perry. Katy Perry said that she "read the constitution" and has a "right to vote naked" during detention. But the female police officer answered her that she apparently had been misinformed asking her "Did you read it or did you briefly just scan it?"

The cops unconditionally place Katy Perry in the back of the patrol police car, where she joins the Community actor Joel McHale, who also seems to have tried to vote naked too.  And yeееp!!! The whole online quotes her excellent phrase: “Yes, let those babies loose”

At the end of the video the patrol car had already left the place a "crime" and Katy looks out the window of a patrol car and says: “Scratch that, gotta wear clothes. See you at the polls Nov 8”

It concludes with a reminder to vote, whatever you wear, and to take a pledge at Rock the Vote. This is her first cooperating with Rock the Vote, which is the largest non-profit, bi-partisan voting organization in the United States.

“Yes, let those babies loose”

Some resources say that Katy Perry wouldn't be alone. The cast of Will & Grace reunited on screen for a video for the first time in a decade. This video illustrates that Will and Grace (Eric McCormack and Debra Messing) attempt to convince their pals Karen and Jack (Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes) not to vote for Trump. During the video, they promised Mark would strip in his next film role if people went out and voted, saying, "And if you do vote," the stars add, "Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie."

The Avengers director Joss Whedon also recruited A-list stars including Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson to help encourage Americans to vote in November's (16) presidential elections.

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Last week, Funny or Die released Zach Galifianakis’ interview with Hillary Clinton that also went viral on social media.

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