Kcee and Timaya who is better looking and richer?

Which NIgerian rapper do you like the most? Is it Timaya or Kcee?

Nigerian music industry is full of stars. But who are the brightest ones? Who is currently on top? Let’s have a look at Timaya and Kcee – two outstanding musicians of Nigeria! Find out interesting facts about them and get to know something new.

Timaya and Kcee – who is richer ?

Timaya biography

He is a famous Ngerian singer, born in State of Rivers. He grew up in a very large family. They had 15 children and Timaya was the youngest among them. Enetimi Alfred Odon (real name of the artist) started attending school in native town - Port Harcourt. There his love and passion to music appeared. During the studies, he visited plenty of music events. Just before finishing school, he was sent to Lagos with his sister and brother. He finished Grammar school there.


He once tried to get university degree in Port Harcourt. However, he had to quit it for some reason and then returned to Lagos. He joined Eedris Abdulkareem's hip-hop band there and became backup vocalist. Nevertheless, in 3 years, he finally started solo career. The first hit by Timaya was titled Dem Mama. He recorded True Story (the debut album) in 2007. He's released 6 of them in total. What is more, he has received several music awards by now.

Timaya biography

How old is Timaya?

Timaya was born in 1977. So he is currently 38. Nowadays he is known not only as outstanding singer, but also as a songwriter.

How old is Timaya?

Is Timaya married?

There have been many rumors concerning his private life. However, much more facts have been revealed recently. He is not going to marry, as it is a serious step for him. Timaya says that career is more important for him right now. Nevertheless, Timaya has girlfriend. Her name is Barbara. Besides, they have a daughter, who is now 3 years old. Moreover, the news says they are expecting the second kid soon.

Is Timaya married?

Kcee biography

This singer started his advancement just several years ago. His real name is Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, while Kcee is a stage one. Before solo career, he has done a lot for musical industry together with his partner Presh. They met in the church choir and then participated in Star Quest reality show on TV and won. They formed a duo band known as Kc Presh's. The musicians have been working together for about 12 years, until in 2011, each of them decided to follow his own way. However, their group has given them some kind of recognition.

Kcee biography

His debut album was released in 2013. Besides the music, he is also a prominent entrepreneur, who has signed lots of deals.


Is Kcee a Nigerian?

He was born in Lagos state. His native city is Ajegunle. That means he is a Nigerian. And all his family originates from here.

Kcee is nigerian

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Is Kcee married?

The truth is that he is currently married and has two kids. His wife’s name is Ijeoma Okonkwo. However, he now tries to deny it as they have had some problems. Being a public personality, Kcee has been involved in scandals and rumors. Some people say about his affairs with Nollywood starts.

Is Kcee married?

Timaya and Kcee – who is richer and better looking?

Nowadays Timaya takes the first place among the wealthiest Nigerian musical performers. His net worth is $5.5 million. He is also considered the most successful celeb from Niger Delta Region. One of his greatest hits with Sean Paul received 16 million views on his YouTube channel.

Timaya and Kcee – who is better looking?

And how much is Kcee worth? He has about $4 million. It is a bit less, but the sum is close to Timaya’s. Besides, he is extremely famous among the fans. One of his hits got more than 14 million views on YouTube.

Timaya and Kcee

So, who is better? It is hard to say. Their incomes are almost the same; each of them has lots of fans. However, Kcee has just started his career as a solo artist. That’s why we can probably expect more from him soon.


I'm a fan of Nigerian music. Listen to the music of many artists. Especially like rap music. Most of all I like rap artists and Kcee Timaya. To select a someone I can not. I both like me. Both have great popularity, many fans. Since Kcee just started his career might eventually it will reach better results as Timaya. We will closely monitor the development of their musical career. It was very interesting to learn more about their lives. We expect from the new rap songsand albums. I hope they will be as popular as the previous ones.

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