Kenneth Okonkwo: Has he become a father?

What are the latest Nollywood news on Kenneth Oknkwo? He has become a father... again and at last!

At last the family of famous Nigerian actor Kenneth Okonkwo has been blessed with the heritage from the Lord – the child! The happy couple is so proud of the little newcomer, as they stayed childless for over 9 years. Read the full story now.

Kenneth Okonkwo Has he become a father

Kenneth Okonkwo biography

The actor has turned 47 last year. He has started his Nollywood career back in 1991. His major in education is in business administration and he got it from Nsukka in Enugu State. He has also attended a Bible school in Lagos to study theology.  The actor has many movies on his list and one of them is Television Soap Opera Ripple with the role of Captain John Mark.

Kenneth Okonkwo 2016

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Kenneth Okonkwo wedding

Unfortunatelly first Kenneth Okonkwo marriage did not last for the lifetime. He and his first wife stayed married only for 2 years and got divorced in 2002. This was one of those buzzed and sad events that shook the hearts and minds of many Nollywood fans.

Kenneth Okonkwo news

Kenneth Okonkwo second wife is Ifeoma. This marriage already lasts for 9 years and on May 6, 2016 the couple welcomed their firstborn. They are presently in USA and the child was born in the University of Maryland, St. Joseph Medical Centre.

Kenneth Okonkwo biography

Even though it is the first child of the couple, Kenneth Okonkwo has one from his previous marriage with Ogechi, the daughter of Pastor Ezekiel. Ifeoma and Okonkwo thank the Lord for His blessings and faithfulness. All the best wishes to the parents and the baby.

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