Kim Kardashian walks braless in New York wearing a transparent top

Kim Kardashian shocked the publicity again! What did a celebrity wear on the streets of New York? You’ll find out all the latest information and photos of Kim Kardashian here!

kim make up

Kim Kardashian style is always stunning, unusual and also sometimes weird. Critics say about Kim’s special taste, which often shock the publicity. Kim Kardashian dresses are always impressive, and her new look wasn’t an exception. Kimberly was as stylish as ever, she showed her boobs in the afternoon as she was walking on New York streets.

braless Kim Kardashian

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Kim wears the sheer top with a beautiful pair of heels, some simple high waisted pants. She carried a small white jacket and cool black handbag as she walked out, with a pair of nice shades hiding her eyes.

Kim Kardashian style

Kim Kardashian Instagram is always full of nice pics with her different looks. If you like Kim or you would like to try her style on yourself, follow her right now!

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