Leaked sex video: Who is this married Ghallywood/Nollywood actor caught cheating?

New sex video scandal: Toosweet Annan shocked the Internet.

Did you hear about viral sex video of Toosweet Annan on the Internet? Read details in the article.

Wow - what's the video?

A few days after the scandal connected with the viral video of lesbian sex starring Chidinma Okeke Nigerian Internet was shocked by a new sex video. New sex video leaked to the Internet, showing famous Nollywood actor Toosweet Annan in a very provocative situation, indulging himself. 

Toosweet Annan
The actor was deceiving women from abroad, enticing money from them and instead promising to marry them. One of those women, living in the USA, found out that she was not the only one, deceived by Toosweet, and moreover, that he is still in relations with his wife. The woman was shocked, disappointed and depreciated. She said that they had romantic relations for about one year. The actor asked her to give him almost 14000 dollars for shooting a new film. Also, he promised to spend those money for their wedding. 

His photo
Later her sister, living in Ghana, said that she heard that two German women visited her future husband. Woman found those ladies, who live side by side in Germany. She connected them to discuss their common problem and got to know some shocking information: one of them was also dating Toosweet for a year, and gave him 20000 dollars for his new film. But all this money he gave to his wife, who knew everything about her husband`s “business”. He acquainted all his girlfriend from abroad with his wife and his mother. That fact that his mother helped the actor in his speculations is even more shocking than those sex videos, which he filmed for his girlfriends. 

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Woman found out that actor dated with 4 girls. besides her, two from Germany, one from the United Kingdom, and another from the USA. She contacted all those women and said that some of them refused to believe, also she added that Toosweet used voodoo magic to attract these women. First, she could not believe but later decided to avenge on the actor for herself. 
She decided to destroy his career and reputation, putting his video on the Internet. On some of them actor is telling about his life to those women, on some, his is even indulging himself for them. Some deceived women agreed to support her and to affirm that she is not lying, sent her all the videos which actor made for them. The actor did not react on those video leaks, and all Internet users are waiting for his response.

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