Linda Ikeji and Wizkid, who is richer?

How do you think, who is richer between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji? Check out this article to see their paths and net worth.

linda ikeji vs wizkid

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid are in the number of the most influential people in Nigeria nowadays. As many know, they have become some type of competitors. So, let us analyze their paths and define who is richer.

Linda Ikeji

linda ikeji

She is a Nigerian writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. She also used to be a model. Her blog is what she is so widely known for.
Linda started writing from her childhood, when she was only 10 years old. After finishing the secondary school at the age of 17, she went to the University of Lagos. There she studied English. For assisting the family and gaining some money for herself, she found a few part-time jobs as a waitress, model and writer.
After the graduation from university in 2004, she started blogging. In 2006, blogging was just some kind of a hobby to her. As the access to the internet was very hard to be found in Nigeria at that time, she had been making her posts at a cybercafe.
In 2007 she decided to  become an active blogger. She was the most often Google Search trend in Nigeria during 2014. The name “Linda Ikeji” was the most searched item by Internet users of Nigeria.
Currently she’s one of the greatest Nigeria’s entrepreneurs.
Her current net worth is now $11.62 Million and she is considered one of the most successful women in Africa.

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His real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter and performer. The fact that he started his path to a career of a musician at the age of 11 is well-known.
Currently he is one of the most notable Nigerian artists. He had worked for many years, released 4 studio albums and even had a tour in the United States.
He’s the one who combined street wear with classical Nigerian clothes and claimed that he would start a clothing line.
Wizkid has contributed a lot of efforts and strengths to the Nigerian Music Industry. No wonder, he has earned several achievements, such as a BET Award, a MOBO Award, five The Headies Awards, two Channel O Music Video Awards,six Nigeria Entertainment Awards, two Ghana Music Awards, two Dynamix All Youth Awards, two City People Entertainment Awards, and a Future Award. He has won three nominations at the MTV Europe Music Awards.
He was even nominated at the World Music Awards.
His current net worth is $9 Million.

As you can see, Linda Ikeji is now richer than Wizkid, but there is no doubt that they are both talented and work for the people of Nigeria.

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