Linda Ikeji vs. Wizkid: Who will be the Personality of the Year?

It happened again! Linda Ikeji vs. Wizkid Why did the battle begin? What do they fight for? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about new scandal between celebs here!

 linda ikeji and wizkid

It may have seemed that the battle between popular Nigerian blogger, well-known Linda Ikeji and pop star, Wizkid was solved, when it has already been updated.

For the first time, both Linda Ikeji and Wizkid were nominated in the same prestigious award category, the Personality of the Year, at the forthcoming popular MAMA, MTV Africa Music Awards.

Linda Ikeji vs. Wizkid

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These two will  together go head to head in this category with such celebrities as: Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, a soccer player from Gabon, Pearl Thusi, who is from South Africa, Caster Semenya, Olympic gold medallist and a middle distance runner from South Africa, Nigerian Linda Ikeji from and, of course, Wizkid from Nigeria.

Wizkid and Linda have previously made a lot of noise and headlines this year. There was a huge scandal on social media. It finished only when the Nigerian Police Force solved the problem between them.

Linda Ikeji against Wizkid

You can vote here too! And we will see, who wins this October 22 in South Africa.

Who will be the Personality of the Year?
Linda Ikeji
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