Malia Obama smoking: Is a new t-shirt the father's punishment or her own choice?

Malia Obama photo impressed the society again! Why is she wearing a T-shirt with an interesting message? Is it her father’s punishment? Find out all about Malia’s style of life here!

Malia Obama

Barack Obama’s daughter, whose name is Malia Obama has been caught wearing tiny denim shorts and t-shirt an interesting message on ‘Smoking kills’ after her smoking in public. A girl, who took a long gap year before her joining the Harvard university, lately has been caught at the center of controversial scandal, because of her drinking shindigs and smoking.

Last year in October, Malia was spotted n in a huge party at Brown College. There a young Obama was standing by a popular beer pong table. One witness tweeted that Malia Obama was drinking shots and playing beer pong with others at the party.

Malia Obama smocking

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Then 18 years old first American daughter was seen in a controversial video smoking something, what was really alike to marihuana.  However, later it was written that her father, Barack Obama, had reprimanded Malia for her misconduct, which was considered as a danger for the first family's reputation.

Malia’s most recent pictures let us to suggest that she was really reprimanded for her inappropriate behavior by her famous parents. A girl wore a tiny t-shirt with a clear message that smoking kills.  But only a month before she had been caught smoking on camera.

Malia Obama t-shirt

However, her fans and admires could not but notice her choice of look for the day. They say she looks gorgeous with that tiny wash denim shorts and a crop top with a right message on it. Earlier this year Malia has graduated from high school and soon she will join Harvard after a gap year.

The Obama daughters claimed to be raised in a strict, conservative manner. But despite of the fact being the first lids of the most powerful nation in the world and that the girls’ personal lives are always mainstream and on focus of social media, they still remain simple teenagers.

That is why Malia Obama Instagram is always full of parties, friends and having fun. Malia Obama photos cannot include only libraries and boring meetings. She is a rich and popular teenager, who wants to live her life.

Barack Obama's daughter

So despite the fact that they are real world celebrities, Obama family may just have let them be teens. Everyone had such a period. Everyone has passed such period. And maybe there were some mistakes or you would like to change something, but this is called youth! Young people always do something to remember for life. Can Malia or her sister be an exception? Most likely, not.

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