Malia Obama was spotted with alcohol, was she drinking?

Malia Obama was spotted with alcohol, was she drinking? Check out photos!

Malia Obama may be in some trouble, after reportedly being caught at a party where her peers were playing beer pong. So, just what was the 18-year-old first daughter allegedly doing around the drinking partygoers? Get the scoop here!

A photo reportedly taken in Maryland in August of Malia Obama, 18, at a beer pong party surfaced on September 12. The photo, uploaded to SnapChat, shows the first daughter looking at another partygoer’s phone, as she stands next to a table covered in plastic red and blue cups, and cans of Natural Light, Bud Light and Miller Lite. Dressed in a crop top-like baseball tee and some cut off jean shorts, Malia is next to a man, whose face is blurred out, holding a can of beer and picking a cup off the table. Malia is not seen with alcohol, or drinking, in the photo.


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Malia is still getting major heat from the last party she reportedly attended on September 4, where she was allegedly spotted standing next to a seriously large bong in a UPenn frat house. Before that scandal, she was allegedly caught on camera puffing on a cigarette at Lollapalooza on July 31, which was later suspected to be pot.

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