Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2015

Nigeria is blessed by many gifts and one of them is its beautiful ladies. Take a look at the best of the best among them now.

MBGN is the annual pageant, the main aim of which is to select an appropriate girl to represent Nigeria on the international level. Silverbird Group is the most important organizer and sponsor of the competition Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2015. Currently the title is held by Iheoma Nnadi, the business administration student.
MissMost beautiful girl in Nigeria

The history of the beauty contests starts in 1983 when Ben Murray-Bruce, former magazine publisher focused his attention on the show business. At that time he managed to organize dozens of famous and outstanding performances with the most popular stars. Then he moved on and the new pageant was promoted, called Miss Universe Nigeria. Three years later it was renamed and since then known as Most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Lynda Chuba, harming model, became the first winner of the contest. 

The main award promised is the representation of the country on the range of international pageants, like Miss Universe and Miss World. As a rule, winners choose one sphere of social life they strive to develop. Such a ‘pet project’ is usually a relevant help to poor and unsecure areas in the Nigeria life.  Child Labor, Polio and Widow Empowerment are among the brightest and remembering experiences.  Starting from 200, there appeared 4 more titles, except of the winner. Miss most beautiful girl in Nigeria Universe, Tourism, ECOWAS and Model.

Opportunities opened up by the contest

Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2015The breaking point starts when the auditions (known as screening exercises) are held all around the country to find and choose sexy Nigerian girls to participate. When all the contestants are selected and separated, they get into the coaching camp, where the stage presence and etiquette are taught.  At the final stage, each girl should give an interview and appear in two fineries that include evening dress and swimwear. Initially, maillots were allowed to be used to present the bathing suit instead of contemporary bikini.

As the contest developed and became more and more popular worldwide, the traditional model standards were set to restrict the participants, who do not meet international requirements.  From that time on, the winner’s choice is based not only on the appearance, but on the other external data, like height, weight etc.

Originally, it was an exacting task of attracting women to participate in the pageant due to the conservative approach to life among the Nigerian population. Even now you will seldom meet the hot contestant from the North Nigeria defiling.  But the critical moment appeared when the first prizes were granted.  The material awards differ from year to years, though usually they include cash (around N3000,000) and some of the girls got a car. No wonder no one has to beg contestants to participate in the pageant. Besides, each show is unique and filled with surprising moments and climaxes. Thus, in 2014, a talent show served as an important section of preliminary.

Being at the top: winners of the MBGN

Most beautiful girIn the course of the contest, there is definitely only one winner voted. However, lots of titles are presented to other participants. Miss Amity, Photogenic and the best traditional suit are among the most popular ones. Besides, various companies cooperating with the most beautiful girl in Nigeria opt for a lady to promote their brands. The constant titles are the face of SelectPro and Miss La Casera.  They get attractive N 1000000 and a respectful car.

A great number of winners pursue further career and appear on the screens as young and skillful actresses, immerse in the entertainment business, politics or continue working in the pageant sphere. 
Among the greatest representatives and winners of the contest who managed to make a perfect career afterwards are Sabina Umeh, Emma Komlosy, Regina Askia, Omasan Buwa, Nike Oshinowo and many others. The most relevant achievement made Agbani Darego, a usual student interested in computer science when gained the title of Miss World and was enlisted in top 10 Miss Universe register.  MBGN is, first of all, an excellent chance to glorify your country. Besides, it is an incredible opportunity to be noted and invited to Nollywoodor even Hollywood. Anyway, after the contest you will never be the same again.  You will be inspired to work hard and change the surrounding world, as the beauty and constant efforts will save the world.

Current most beautiful girl contest in Nigeria: events and gossips of 2015

The very first point, necessary to emphasize, that the way to success is always extremely long and exacting. However, in the pageant sphere, it is the exception, because this pace is enormously long and hard. Silverbird Company as the leader of the contest set a range of requirements, indispensable to meet applying for the participation.  The most vital are:

  • Age, between 18 and 23;
  • Good education (minimum Secondary school certificate);
  • Attractive appearance, well-kept body;
  • Nigerian origin.

t beautiful girl in NigeriaInstead, you are promised to receive decent annual salary, new car and the opportunity to represent the native country at the Miss World Contest. Additionally, the winner will appear at the Miss Universe and ECOWAS Pageants.

This year, Enugu welcomed hundreds of girls wished to become a real models and superstars.  Since 1986 the coal city has never held the screening exercise. The turnout was not the brightest, though even a bad weather didn’t frighten girls striving for fame and career. The screening team took aspirants tour to find the most attractive and good looking girls. Some of the contestants were selected and will join the group of other successful ladies in Lagos.

Rivers State was another destination of screening staff.  A great number of beautiful girls had a burning desire to be qualified for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2015, thus waited near the Silverbird Showtime Center right at the necessary moment.  The second screening was successfully and effortlessly fulfilled and a few new contestants were added to the registration list.

l girl in Nigeria 2015The screening train made the final stop in the nation’s capital city Abuja, where enriched the list with the impressive and aspiring ladies. Finally, the Silverbird Galleria met all these beauties for the concluding screening set on Victoria Island.

After a long, tiresome and extremely competitive process, 3 happy ladies were chosen to participate in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant 2015.  All the selected candidates have already proceeded to a camp session that will take two weeks. During this time they will get prepared for the main event.  Almost all the attention of contestants is now focused on the choreography glooming, comportment, cat walking and other constituents of extensive training.  

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Already in October, the world will have an exclusive opportunity to see new smart, cute and the mostbeautiful girl in Nigeria 2015.Astonishing Cross River State will host the show, so be ready to enjoy the cultural satisfaction from the contest as well as from the amazing city views.  Soon, meet the new top-notch Nigerian nymph to represent the country at the globally respected and known pageants. 


So beautiful girls in Nigeria. A beauty contest involving many Nigerian beautiful girls. This project brings great satisfaction and international identification girls. Many people can enjoy the beauty of girls. All the girls are worthy of victory, but according to the contest must choose one. A lot of competitions and selections girls need to go to get to the main competition. Remain in it themselves worthy. In training camp they receive new guidance, knowledge and experience. Many girls have received the title. The judges chose the most beautiful really beautiful, talented girl.

Answered 2 years ago.

One year ago I had studied in Japan with foreign students. I had one good my friend from Nigeria. So one day he had introduced his country, his culture and of course his country girls. I have never seen so beautiful girls in my life. Yes if there are five countries where beautiful girls, I am sure it is Nigeria. Honestly, girls wear very fashion and cultural dresses. Like situation surprised me. I will visit this country in the future. After this I will see that girls with eyes, who told my friend. I am glad to know like Nigeria, where live not only my friend but and beautiful girls.

Answered 2 years ago.

I like African style. African women look very nice wearing colourful colours! In my opinion, violet colour is the most beautiful for them. Permanent summer and colourful clothes - what can be better! Some African women are pretty and have beautiful figure. It's a great contest - not only for pleasure, but also to help poor people. And for sure it's an excellent start for every model and a good chance to glorify Nigeria, maybe even more - to become famous in others countries. Winners can make a great career after this competition.

Answered 2 years ago.

Yes, beauty is tremendous strength-))) Well done girls, all beautiful, nature did everything that they were perfect ... But in addition to the help of nature, the girls of course watch your diet, your figure and do sports. Without it anywhere, and do not care whether or not you have a sweet tooth ... And Beauty - save the world, definitely. I believe this very strongly and wish these girls to be beauties forever. Because - who is handsome and sporty big fellow. Take the example of these girls!!!

Answered 2 years ago.
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