MTV Music Video Awards: Check out a beautiful attire of Wizkid's girlfriend

Have you watched MTV Music Video Awards? Justin Skye, the girlfriend of Wizkid, showed up wearing really cool attire! Check out her photos!

Wizkid’s girlfriend has just attended MTV

When we know we are supposed to attend some important event it’s always necessary to dress in the right way. And it seems like Justin Skye knows exactly how to impress people!

Wizkid’s girlfriend has just attended MTV Music Video Awards and her outlook was really on point. Even though Justin is an American celebrity, you can see how her Nigerian boyfriend influenced her style a lot.

All in all, the public was impressed by her appearance in such a beautiful outfit. The attire of Wizkid’s girlfriend will be discussed a lot, that’s for sure!

The American 21-year-old singer is a talented young woman who Nigerian pop star has fallen in love with recently.

Wizkid’s girlfriend has just attended MTV

 Early years

Justin Sky (her real last name is actually Skyers) was born in 1995 in New York. Since her childhood Justin has been influenced by music a lot mainly because her Afro-Jamaican mom worked in music industry.

Therefore, when her mom realized she was a really gifted young girl she decided to help her with her career. They would record songs together and BMI helped them organize concerts.

At first it wasn’t that easy to become popular for her. However, she eventually became a successful singer. It all started when she performed the cover of the song "Black and Gold”.

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After that she started writing her own lyrics and that’s when a lot of producers noticed her and decided to give it a shot. Justin recorded her album with the help of other musicians in 2013.

She also worked with Eric Hudson and August Rigo.

Wizkid’s girlfriend has just attended MTV

Career of Justin Skye

The American singer can be called a professional musician right now. However, her actual career of a singer started just few years ago. It all began when she was asked to sing the soundtrack for “Rules To Rock By”.

Her covers on Drake also became very popular on YouTube. At first Justin released an EP called Everyday Living which was followed by her album Emotionally Unavailable in 2013.

She thinks that one of her biggest achievements is that she got to work with the famous rapper Tyga too. One year ago the American singer also performed with Jay Z and participated in the Tommy Hilfiger show.

Right now young celebrity is still working really hard signing contracts and getting ready for releasing her new album which is going to be a great success for her fans.

When we first heard about Wizkid’s new girlfriend we didn’t believe it. There have been a lot of rumours about them recently. The first time when they were noticed together was back in July.

The paparazzi captured them hanging out in his music studio.

Some people said that it didn’t mean anything and they were just casually hanging out while others argued there was definitely something more than just professional relationships between those two.

Wizkid’s girlfriend has just attended MTV

Despite all the thoughts of their fans, Wizkid finally announced that Justin was his new girlfriend by the end of August.

At first Nigerian celebrity didn’t want to comment it to make it a mystery that everybody would be seeking to solve. But by the end of the month he apparently felt like he should have stopped hiding.

Wizkid has had a few girlfriends before this American celebrity. His last serious relationship that lasted about 3 years was with Tania Omotayo but it didn’t seem like they were really happy together.

In the beginning of the year the couple announced their breakup.

Most of the people say that the reason for their breakup was obviously the scandal that involved Wizkid and another woman who claimed she delivered a baby whose father was a famous Nigerian singer.

Even though Wizkid himself never agreed to her statement, there was enough evidence to prove it. All in all, there’s nothing but a lot of success and luck that we can wish the new couple!

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