Musicians who died young, who are they?

What would be the results of the greatest stars’ activity on the world stage, and how they would look today if they had not died so early?


Unfortunately, there are a lot of examples in the history when budding stars has gone too early: they died in the early days of glory.

25 August 2001 22-year-old R'n'B star Aaliyah died in the crash. She could overshadow Ciara and Beyoncé, but fate has decreed otherwise. Unfortunately, history does know not a single case when the young talents died as they start their Star Trek.

Aaliyah, January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001

Aaliyah Dana Haughton loved music in childhood: mother taught her vocal (she was a singer), and later she began performing at weddings and singing in the church choir. However, not only mom assisted the success of the girl. Her aunt - Soul was a singer and winner of seven "Grammy" Gladys Knight - Aaliyah often was taken with her in tours, and even asked to go out and sing something on the stage.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

In 12 years, she has signed the first contract. She was engaged in the promotion of rapper R. Kelly, with whom she saw the light of the singer's debut album Age Is Nothing But a Number. This success was not expected by anyone: singles topped the charts Billboard, and she became a double platinum record. Being successful she became the second collection of One in a Million, the texts and the music working with Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

In 1997 Aaliyah graduated from high school drama Detroit School of Arts, and three years later she was summoned to the action movie "Romeo Must Die." She played one of the main roles, and also recorded a soundtrack to it - Try Again.

After filming in "Romeo Must Die" Aaliyah moved on to the next film - "Queen of the Damned." This time, the singer had to play a supernatural character - the mother of all vampires named Akasha.

In 2001, 22-year-old Aaliyah and her team went to the Bahamas to film Rock the Boat video. Coping with the video in half a day, she decided not to waste time and go back to Florida, though her flight was scheduled the next day. The only aircraft, which at that time was ready to fly, was too small for all the equipment and the nine people who were on that board died. The plane crashed a few minutes after takeoff, killing all the passengers. Later investigation has found that the pilot was drunk and did not have a permit for management of the vessel. Video Rock the Boat came posthumously...

Ritchie Valens, May 13, 1941 - February 3, 1959

The plane crash took away the life of 17-year-old singer and songwriter Ritchie Valens. Ricardo Esteban was born in California in a family of immigrants from Mexico, who honored culture of their homeland and was constantly listening to Spanish-language music. Ritchie himself began writing songs and learning to play the guitar, trumpet and percussion in five years. At 16, he already played so well on the electric guitar, that he was invited to a local group The Silhouettes. In 1958, the performance of Valens was noticed by small label owner Bob Keane, who invited the young man to record an album and change the name to something more sonorous pseudonym Ritchie Valens. Song Donna was dedicated to school girlfriend Richie, and rock 'n' roll twist Mexican folk song La Bamba became real hits.

Ritchie Valens

Richie was invited to tour with the famous rock musicians Buddy Holly and Bigom Hopper. The bus in which the company moved to the city of the Midwest, constantly broke and has not been equipped with the heating system, so several members of the team decided to fly to the city in Michigan by plane.

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At the helm of the aircraft was an inexperienced pilot and the plane itself has got into a snowstorm and lost control. A few minutes after takeoff, the plane crashed.

After this tragedy, a familiar to the singer told the press that Richie was afraid to fly during all life. Once, under his school, two planes crashed and wreckages crippled several children, and his best friend died because of this. This day was the worst for Valens, who decided to travel by airplane only a few times during all his life.

February 3, 1959 was dubbed as the "Day when the music died ", because on a board of the ill-fated flight were all budding rock 'n' roll musicians of the 50s (apart, perhaps, Elvis Presley, who at that time served in the army). 22 years after the tragedy biopic "La Bamba" was filmed, talking about the short and colorful life of Valens.

La Bamba, of course, became a soundtrack for this picture. Los Lobos group covered this song and get a new dose of pop. The single led many US charts and became one of the Spanish-language hits, famous throughout the world.

Selena Quintanilla Perez, April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995

Ritchie Valens was at the origins of Chicano rock but Selena Quintanilla-Perez developed another Mexican direction - the tech, which has been particularly popular in the southern US. Actually, she was born in Texas. Her parents immediately noticed the talents of their children and have put together a group Selena y los Dinos: Selena sang, her brother Abie played the guitar, and sister Suzette played on drums. The love of music has helped the family stay afloat when the restaurant went bankrupt, where father and mother of Selena were working, Selena y los Dinos earned money entertaining the audience at weddings and fairs. This small success inspired 12-year-old girl on the album.  

Selena Quintanilla Perez

By age of 16, the young talent has received the award "Best Female Vocalist" at the Tejano Music Awards. This award was given to her the next nine years in a row (including posthumously). These advances have led Selena to a contract with a major record company, Coca-Cola advertising, creating her own clothing line Selena Etc. and the title of "Mexican Madonna". Family and friends of the girls appreciated not only her talent but a good heart. The singer gave concerts for the poor, was a representative of the AIDS Society and visited schools to tell children about the benefits of education.

Sincerity and warmth of Selena became her Achilles' heel. At the peak of her fame a fan club was organized, which was engaged in financial matters of the singer. In 1995, the Quintanilla family noticed that Selena’s money was wasted not to organize meetings and gifts for fans but went into someone's pocket. And the leader of the fan club Yolanda Salvidar was resigned. For obvious reasons, Yolanda was dissatisfied with the decision of the family of her idol but instead decided to take revenge remorse. The last meeting between Selena and Yolanda took place in a hotel room "City Housing", where a fierce fan shot in the back of her "offender". The 23-year-old singer has not lived up to the hospital, and immediately came to the better world, police arrested Salvidar, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The death of the girl shook all the Hispanic community in the US, and in Texas April 12 - a day of remembrance was called Selene Day. This death was a blow for Jennifer Lopez, who, two years after the tragic events appeared in the biopic "Selena", for which won the nomination for the "Golden Globe".

Quintanilla is still considered one of the brightest stars in the Spanish-speaking America. In her honor the singer Selena Gomez has been named, and another performer Hispanic - Demi Lovato – is often compared to Queen Tagus through tone of voice and a similar appearance.

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