Musicians who killed themselves, who are they?

Not all the celebrities live the happy life that we all dream about. A lot of them are deeply depressed and anxious. The worst thing happens when they decide to kill themselves.

Suicide intention

Suicide is the easiest way to stop an endless stream of responsibilities and conventionalities of life. Voluntary withdrawal from life is the choice of people who are sick to death of the reality. No matter how much the society comdemns suicide, still everyone has a right to it.

Many famous musicians have made their biggest choice in life, a choice to commit suicide. Unfortunately, such actions usually provoke a huge public outcry and numerous attempts of the fans to repeat the fate of their idols. However, it's unfair to accuse the music legends in the deaths of their fans. Everybody has the right to decide to live or not.

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So, here’s the list of the musicians who killed themselves.

  • Jim Morrison. The legendary frontman of the band The Doors. Since adolescence, Jum was fond of recreational drugs and psychoactive substances. He was expelled from the university after his thesis on the theme of life and death, in which Jim showed his appreciation of death and his contempt of life. He was fond of mysticism, as well. With the growing popularity of his band The Door Jim was becoming more and more dependent from drugs. He turned to heroin, and appeared at his concerts in a condition of drug intoxication. The most striking example is one of the last concerts of "The Doors". After Jim performed a song "The End" in a severe drug intoxication, he allowed himself to insult the audience, shouting a curse in the face of the first row. In consequence, Jim showered with numerous accusations and lawsuits. During the next concerts, Jim replaced the curse with a monstrous roar, as if saying everything he wanted to say to the audience. Jim died of a deliberate overdose of heroin in 1971.

Jim Morrison

  • Kurt Cobain. Kurt is perhaps the most charming and sensitive rock musician of all times. The glory of the band "Nirvana" is well-known even today. Kurt's childhood was very difficult, as he was growing up in a trailer. His mother worked as a waitress in a cafe, and in her spare time she was arranging her personal life. It's possible to say that Kurt was addicted to drugs since childhood. He was growing up a very active and cheerful child because his mother was giving him pills for hyper active children. Kurt wrote a lot of songs that a lot of artists still rehash. The notorious song "Polli" once again showed the audience how vulnerable was Kurt Cobain. The reason for writing this song were the cases of abduction and murder of young girls in the United Stated. However, some fans did not understand the Kurt’s motives and this song increased the frequency of such cases. "Polli" became an unofficial anthem of the criminals. Kurt was very upset, and he gave several interviews to explain the real meaning of this song. He had nothing to do with the criminals. He was a very kind man who did not recognize violence towards all living things. Kurt Cobain died on April 8, 1994. He shot himself in the head.

Kurt Cobain

  • Elliot Smith. Elliot Smith is a very famous musician, multi-instrumentalist, the author of the soundtrack to the movie " Good Will Hunting ". Although this guy could make brilliant musical works in indie style, his life was full of rock' n' roll: the constant concerts, alcoholism, drug dependence and depression. In 2003, his girlfriend, Jennifer, found Elliot with a knife in his chest.

Elliot Smith

  • Michael Hutchence. Australian musician and the lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence dated supermodel Helena Christensen, had an affair with the singer Kylie Minogue, as well as with the wife of Irish musician Bob Geldof. On November 22, 1997, the maid found absolutely naked Hutchence in a belt loop in the hotel room. The strap was attached to the door handle. There was no suicide note but there was a girl who spent the last night of Michael's life with him. She claimed that Michael was alive when she left. The girl had a reliable alibi, so the death of the rock star is considered suicide.

Michael Hutchence

  • Ian Curtis. Ian Curtis is a British musician, poet, vocalist and author of all the lyrics of the band "Joy Division:. The rocker had been suffering from epileptic seizures and depression. His frequent dances on the stage resembled convulsions, caused by a disease. In the spring of 1980, despite the growing prospects of Joy Division, Curtis himself was deeply depressed. His marriage was undermined by his love for Annik Honore, and the epileptic seizures occurred more often. On May 18, Curtis made a loop from the rope for drying clothes and hanged himself in his house in Macclesfield, a few weeks after his first suicide attempt. The wife of singer found the body in the kitchen next morning.

Ian Curtis

People have been killing themselves for thousands of years in a row. And just as now, on the verge of life and death they were looking for someone to understand them. Famous people can seem very happy having all the money and glory. However, on the inside they can feel as lonely as anybody else.

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