Naked Kaffy: 36-year old mother of two kids dances nude

A famous Nigerian dancer Kaffy poses nude! It’s a great shock for a lot of her fans and other Nigerians! What does she have to say about it? Read this article and share your opinion too!

Kaffy posing nude

The Nigerian media has been shocked by the recent news from Kaffy – the professional dancer. A famous dancer Kaffy has posed nude and it seems a really inappropriate move to Nigerian audience.

The reason why people really didn’t like this idea is that she is a mother of two children. Even though she is a really admired woman in Nigeria, some people noted that it doesn’t mean she had to take her clothes off.

The critics and other Nigerians say that her body is perfect even after she delivered 2 babies and that’s a result of her constant work-outs.

However, she doesn’t have to get naked because no one except her husband has to see her like that, according to the opinions of some people.

At the photo that became viral on the Internet you can see that she doesn’t have clothes on but you can’t see her vital parts.

The professional dancer Kaffy says that she is not ashamed of her actions and she doesn’t understand why everyone is reacting this way. She thinks that women have this right to do whatever they want with their bodies.

But her fans were really annoyed that Kaffy posted this picture and they are not even trying to understand her point. They are blaming her and some people even said that she was great with her clothes on too.

Kaffy posing nude is still breaking news! The Nigerian star says that people who think that the absence of clothes can make her less respectable person have weird ideas about it.

Kaffy posing nude

Kaffy doesn’t think that this picture will influence the minds of her children in any way. All in all, people still rumour about the dancer who is 36 years old right now.

Some people still think that she is a lot older than her husband and they also think it’s weird. However, the couple seems to be very happy together.

Kaffy is a famous Nigerian dancer who has achieved a lot of success and even made it to the Guinness World Book of Records.

More about Kaffy

The real name of the professional dancer is Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau but she goes by Kaffy. As for the dancer’s early life, she was born in 1980 in London.

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After that her parents moved to Canada and that’s where she spent her childhood. Later, Kaffy finally came to Lagos in her teenage years. She went to several schools such as Chrisland School and Coker Secondary School.

Later the dancer attended Yaba College of Technologyand then transferred to Olabisi Onabanjo University. When she was studying her intention was to become an engineer but it never came true.

 ‘The Longest Dance Party’ was a really important event in Kaffy’s life. It was in 2006 when they won in this nomination for dancing more than fifty five hours. She became really famous after that.

Right now this talented women has her own school where he teachers others to dance. She has developed her own methods of teaching and this is the reason why she became so well-respected.

Kaffy posing nude

Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau is married with a musician named Joseph Ameh. Together they have two kids.

The beginning of Kafy’s dance career

In one of her interviews Kaffy shared some of her childhood memories and how she started her career. She says that at first dancing was nothing but a hobby to her.

She was really enjoying it and she would hear from people how great she was at this. She couldn’t imagine her life without dancing simply because she was very active and was dancing all the time!

So at one point when Kaffy grew up a little bit she didn’t quit it. She kept on dancing and improving her skills. She says that after a while she started attending the National Stadium to dance and work out.

And that’s when she became a professional. One day Kaffy was dancing after basketball game and people noticed her. She got invited to important events in Nigeria where all the famous dancers were too.

All of them were surprised by her talent and gave her opportunities to work on herself and become a great dancer and a teacher. Kaffy didn’t intend to become a dancer, it just happened itself.

The opinion of Kaffy’s parents about her career

Kaffy says that her childhood wasn’t that easy. Right now she laughs and smiles about it but it wasn’t always like that. Her parents were conservative so she wasn’t allowed to do a lot of things.

Kaffy posing nude

They would never go out and do something together. She was the only one who actually took part in sport activities. Only the fact that she was participating in some competitions made her parents go out and support her.

She was a great student at school and she had no idea she would have decided to become a professional dancer instead of engineer.

But right now Kaffy gives a piece of advice for anyone who is about to choose their career: go for it if you are really good at it and you like it at the same time.

Her parents weren’t really excited about her choice at first. They thought that she had no future if she made this decision. It took them a long time to realize that they were wrong and that dancing was a great option.

At first they were even scared for their daughter. Moreover, there were no famous professional dancers in Nigeria that she could use as an example to convince them.

Back in the 1980s people in Nigeria thought that there was nothing good about dancing and that was what made Kaffy’s parents so nervous.

But later the situation changed – Kaffy got a lot of fans who would support her and say nice words to her. So her mom and dad finally accepted her career and agreed that dancing was a really great choice of hers.

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