Nigeria richest comedian 2015

Love those who can make you laugh? Find out about the top richest comedians in Nigeria for 2015.

Nigeria is very popular for many prominent people. There are plenty of wonderful musicians, contemporary artists, Nollywood actors, and many other talented people there. Another thing Nigerians are very good at is humor. A lot of them have an outstanding sense of humor, and they have managed to get on the very top. So, who is Nigeria richest comedian 2015? Today we are going to find it out.

richest nigerian comedians 2015

Before we may discuss Nigeria richest comedian 2015, we need to know more about comedy itself. There are various types of it.

Types of comedy

All the Nigeria richest comedians choose a certain genre for their jokes. The most common are:

stand up comedy

  • Stand-up. It is probably the most widespread of comedy among the Nigeria richest artists of such show. A comic tells funny stories and jokes to the audience. Such person can also apply several other genres.
  • Burlesque. It usually uses imitation with exaggeration of particular characteristics.
  • Mordant. It is a kind of biting humor.
  • Dark. This is the form of depressing jokes, which might be connected with death or misfortune. There is pessimistic outlook here.
  • Hyperbolic. It refers to comic presentation, based upon extravagant exaggeration and some outsized characterization.
  • Situational. It has its roots in everyday situations. It often appears in sitcoms. Other types are also allowed here.
  • Parody. Its purposes comprises in ridiculing an author or genre.
  • Sophomoric. Childish themes are engaged into this form. For example, pranks or name-calling might be applied.
  • Slapstick. It is often called physical comedy. Mock violence and simulated bodily harm make people laugh.
  • Satirical. It ridicules people’s weaknesses or some negative aspects of society.
  • Highbrow. It raises cultural and sophisticated topics.
  • parody comedy nigeriaSelf-deprecating. The target of such jokes is usually a comic himself, his misfortunes or troubles.
  • Droll. This refers to capricious and eccentric humor.
  • Farcical. Some improbable coincidences are a core of it with certain satirical elements. It might be often seen in a movie or play.
  • Deadpan. It deals mostly with the style of presentation, which is mostly emotionless and matter-of-fact.
  • Screwball. It is connected with unlikely situations and responses to them. Exaggerated characterizations and fast-paced actions are the key features of this form.
  • akpors jokes nigeriaEpigrammatic. It is characterized by witty sayings.
  • Blue. It is based on impropriety or indecency for comic effect. There might appear coarse jokes or sexual situations in this form.
  • Ironic. It involves discordance with existing norms. The intended meaning is usually opposite to literal meaning. Remember that not all the irony is considered humor.
  • Anecdotal. It is connected with comic personal stories. They are mostly true or at least partly true.

These are common forms of humor. Comedians might use one or a complex of them. However, it is better to know in which direction you want to move if you want to become successful.

Top wealthiest comedy artists in NIgeria

  1. AY
    ay comedian
    He has an original taste and lots of money. His annual Live show brings him the sum of N160 million. This great comedian also gets up to N2 million for each performance. The annual income comprises about N300 million, while the net worth totals almost N800 million. He can buy properties and cars without even counting his money.
  2. Julius Agwu
    julius agwu

    He is frequently called a genius. It is hard to argue, because he has even published a book known as Jokes Apart. It has brought him about N20 million. Nowadays he is a current CEO of Real Laff entertainment. They are responsible for Crack Your Ribs as well as Laugh for Christ’s Sake shows, which give him almost N150 million every year. His net worth is N1.5 billion. His properties are situated all over the country.
  3. I Go Dye
    I go Dye
    He is also known as UN ambassador. However, the most valuable title for him is consummate businessman. He is the owner of Revamp Construction, which deals with real estate. With all his properties and money he has N2 billion.
  4. Basketmouth
    basketmouth nigerian comedian
    His name is a kind of brand. He is one of the greatest businessmen among the comedians. His Basketmouth Uncensored show brings him N100 million, while the general fortune totals N2 billion.
  5. Ali Baba
    ali baba comedian
    He is both the king of humor and a serious businessman. People call him father of modern Nigerian comedy. He is probably the richest comedian in Nigeria, as just his home costs about N300 million. He gets N5 million for event (having about two of them every week). He is still very influential figure of this industry in the country.

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Types of comics

As well as jokes, the comedians themselves might be of various types. Let’s observe the most widespread ones:

top comedian quotesSolo Stand-Ups. It is thought to be the most frequent type of comedians. They usually perform for several minutes alone. It is not easy to become one. Besides, not all the people are ready to be alone on the stage.

Some of them may feel isolated. However, you should know that no education is necessary to become a stand-up artist. You success will be determined only by the amount of laugh from the audience. Nevertheless, it is now always fast to build such a career and gain popularity. It might take years of work.

Troupe Comedians. As you see from the name, there are several comics working in a group. They may perform in theatres or clubs. There are those, who prefer travelling, and those, who like working in one place.

The most vital thing you need is to be able to work in group, is to cooperate. Moreover, it is essential to stay funny among the other funny people. When the band is based in one location, it is necessary to develop new programmes in order not to make the spectators bored. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing them at all. You must be ready to accept criticism as well.

comedy quote funnyProp Comedians. They apply props or objects as the visual help for their performances.

There are those, who prefer more traditional stand-up jokes, and those, who use more props to illustrate their ridicules. For such occupation, you must have enough objects and the ability to make gags from them.

Improvisational artists. This is probably the most difficult type. Such comics usually work in troupes. However, they never use routine humor.

It is important to be quick-witted and sharp in order to become one. You must be also ready to continue the story after your partner and not make him confused. The principal rule claims, whatever the direction is, you have to accept it.

As you see, it is possible to choose the style of work you prefer. If you are comfortable to work in a group – go ahead and try. Nevertheless, do not forget that most of the Nigeria richest comedians work alone.

richest comedians in NIgeria

There exist different types of comedy and artists. You don’t need special education to become one, but you must be strong, purposeful, and of course funny. Choose your own way and become in the list of most prominent comics, as those, who have been mentioned above. You can not only become very popular, but also earn enormous sums of money. However, you see that plenty of artists have become businessmen as well. And you may need to be entrepreneurial and brave to do it. Though, everything is possible if you just try and make efforts.

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