Nigerian celebrities whose marriages failed, who are they?

Celebrities’ marriages face many hardships and difficulties. Thus, Nigerian celebrities’ marriages sometimes fail as well. Whose marriages have failed? Keep reading to learn more.

failed nigerian marriages

“A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other”. These words were once said by Surabhi Surendra, and they could not be more precise. While marriage is about two people investing their lives into each other and fighting for their family, a lot of celebrities find it difficult to save the family and prefer divorce or even a separation to struggling and trying their best.

We might not know the whole story, as the hearts of people and their motives are deep and cannot be seen by an outsider. However, Nigerian celebrities have in many cases failed to protect their marriages.

Who are these celebrities whose marriages turned out to be a nightmare rather than a “dream come true”? Here is a list of name that you might know.
evi edna marriage

  1. The number one failed celebrities’ marriage is that of Uche Osutule and Obi Osutule. They started dating back in the very beginning of Nollywod film production. The reason for the crash of a marriage was not stated publicly; however, their divorce was just as colorful and bright as their wedding day. They claimed it did not work out for them.
  2. The other failed marriage of a couple of two famous people is that of Evi and Emma Ogoli. Their relationship started after he became her music manager; they fell in love and soon got married. Her songs were a real asset and got very popular back in the 80s. However, her family life was not as successful as her career. Within a very short time, the couple split up and soon got divorced. They claimed that marriage was not how they expected it to be. Since that time they both migrated to Europe and Asia, probably searching for a new inspiration.
  3. Number three in our list of Nigerian celebrities’ crashed marriages is one of the most recent ones. Eucharia Anunobi initiated the divorce with her husband, as he turned out to be unfaithful to her and a horrible father to their child. As she claimed, he slept with the girl that came to clean their house. The girl was 13 years old, but it never stopped Eucharia’s ex-husband.
  4. Jibola Dabo & Binta Ayo Mogaji, though greatly loved and respected, failed to save their marriage as well. The divorce was very quiet. However, one of the spouses claimed that the reason for their divorce is immoral behavior of the other one.
    nigerian failed marriages
  5. Frank Edoho & Katherine: a couple whose fans could not wait for them to get married as they were dating for a long time. Finally, they did get married, and seemed to be very happy in their family until last year it turned out that they are filing a divorce. It was not long enough before the ex-husband even declared that he feels relieved now and is open for new opportunities.
  6. For Shan George and Clarion Chukwura divorce and remarriage seem to be a part of their daily routine. They both had a couple of crashed marriages left behind, and they both looked extremely happy when getting married last time, However, it turned that getting divorced is a habit that does not go easily. Therefore, they both got divorced and are ready to move on.
    shan george marriage
  7. Zakki Adzay was recently accused by his wife for being cruel and beating her up at home. She named such an attitude as a main reason to part with her spouse. Moreover, the reports state that he demanded her to make an abortion which she believed was not an option. She could not bear this any longer and filed a divorce.
  8. There is no need to introduce you to this couple. You absolutely for sure know Saheed & Fathia Balogun. Both talented and famous, they were always together everywhere they went. That is why when they announced of their plans to get divorced, their friends and relatives tried their best to reconcile them. Nothing helped and the couple eventually did split.
    fathia and saheed balogun
    However, the ex-husband of Mrs. Balogun wanted to move on in his life and as a sign of his recovery after a failed marriage he proposed to another woman. They got married so quietly that people had no idea for a long time. Nevertheless, it turned out later that the man was cheating on his second wife, and she not willing to forgive or tolerate such behavior left him and moved to the United Kingdom.
  9. The other painful example of a celebrities’ marriage that did not work out is that of 9ice & Toni Payne. They were a well-known couple throughout Nigeria, and no one expected them to file a divorce until one day Toni Payne announced that her husband is cheating on her. The couple had a child born into the family; they have not yet announced who the child is staying with.
  10. And last but not least, Kate Henshaw was left with her teenage daughter after they discovered that her husband and she cannot solve problems coming out from their differences. They decided that filing a divorce is a better solution for them than trying to make it work, unfortunately.

This sad statistics shows that a marriage is a complicated matter and it takes two people to save. As we can see from the majority of these examples, celebrities’ marriages often fail as the spouses are tempted by attention shown from different people. Thus, they are tempted to have affairs which destroy the family.

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