Nigerian celebrities without makeup: are they still beautiful?

Nigerian celebrities without makeup: are they still beautiful? It is an intriguing question. So let’s find it out together!


We all believe that beautiful woman is the one that wears tons of makeup and looks so good that it even feels unnatural. However, the celebrities wanted to show the regular folks that you do not have to be flawless and spend so much time in front of the mirror to still know that you are beautiful.

Thus, they have started a campaign where they post their pictures without any makeup on. Their fans believe that they still look stunning even without makeup. Do you want to see them this way too and realize that beauty is not about cosmetics?


Then let’s start. The first celebrity on our list will be Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. As you know she is a woman of many talents, so she appears as a model, an actress and a singer. All in one. She is a standard of beauty for many Nigerian girls; so that after she posted a picture where she does not wear any makeup and still is attractive, they could finally realize that beauty comes from the inside.

rita domonic

Next on our list is Rita Dominic whom you probably know as a stunning actress that satrred in more than a hundred of Nollywood films and videos. She comes from the Royal family and started acting when she was still a child. But let’s move on.

rita dominic

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Our next beauty is Genevieve Nnaji. She is the number one choice of both younger and older generation when it comes to deciding who the most beautiful Nigerian woman is. You can absolutely fall in love with her from the first sight! She has everything a girl needs and wants. But what is more important she still has her charm even without having numerous specialists putting makeup on her face.

genny no makeup

She is an actress and a singer. She has recently been mentioned in a scandal around a young man and a dress she did not pay for; however, her reputation was not ruined by it. Genevieve Nnaji has numerous fans and followers that adore both her tracks and films she starred in.

So in case you still have doubts on what real beauty means, just look at the pictures of the most popular Nigerian women not wearing their makeup. They are brave enough to proclaim that beauty is not about looking flawless; it is about being a caring person, a loyal friend and a gentle woman.

genny no make up campaign

Join their “no makeup” campaign and prove others that you can still look gorgeous without having to waste your time on morning makeup and spread your charm through gentleness and inner confidence.

And remember: Smile is a great makeup: it won’t cost anything and yet will make you look astonishing!

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