Nigerian famous transgender women, who are they?

What do you know about Nigerian transgender women? There are a lot of famous Nigerian guys who changed their gender! It’s time to find out who they are!

Nigerian transgender women

As time goes by, more and more people choose to change their gender.

There are a lot of famous transgender women in the world. Moreover, Nigeria also has some people who decided to change their gender and became women.

Miss Sahhara

Miss Sahhara is one of the most famous Nigerian transgender women. She is not only a beautiful girl but also a great model and singer! She writes her songs herself. Moreover, Sahhara also protects human rights!

She is an activist who is trying to do everything she can to draw people’s attention to LGBTQI society in Africa. The famous transgender woman was born in Nigeria but later she moved to Great Britain.

She attended Benue state university. She became a woman in 2011 and she wasn’t ashamed of it. Miss Sahhara was trying to tell the world her story and wasn’t afraid of the reaction of people.

She was the first Nigerian transgender woman who appeared in public and really wanted everyone to know her.

Stephanie Rose

Right now Stephanie Rose lives in Amstrdam but she is a Nigerian woman. She used to be a man back in Nigeria and made a surgery in the Netherlands. She attended Obafemi Awolowo University.

But she didn’t graduate because she started to feel differently. She went through the severe depression which got in the way of studying.

Nigerian transgender women

However, she didn’t regret her decision to leave as now she lives in Europe where she feels happy.

Noni Salma

Another famous Nigerian guy who once decided to become a woman is named Habeeb Babatunde Lawal. However, now people call her Noni Salma Lawal. She had to go through the surgery few years ago.

She used to work as a journalist.

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Mandy la Candy

There is not enough information on this transgender woman. However, people believe that she used to be named Mr. Okwudili. Her surgery took place in Canada where Mandy la Candy is residing right now.

Nigerian transgender women

She is really popular in Nigeria. Even though this name isn’t really common, a lot of people still know her.

Rizi Xavier Timane

The Rizi’s story is absolutely different. He used to be a woman! Timane was born in Lagos as a woman but right now he lives in the US. He tells some journalists his story.

He doesn’t really like living in the United States but it seems like he doesn’t have much of a choice right now. Rizi says that he was born in Nigeria as a girl but that’s not how he felt throughout his life.

He says that when he was a woman he wasn’t respected and he basically had no power which felt horrible. His family never supported him and they were not wealthy. Moreover, he was a lesbian.

Nigerian transgender women

That’s why people never liked him and bullied him a lot. No one cared about her and she basically felt as a man. That’s what made her change her gender and become a man.

How do these people find out they have another gender?

There is no certain age when people tend to realize they have another gender. It can be a 15-year-old teenager or a grown-up man with a family and job. There are people who feel this way from the moment they are born.

That’s really hard for them to adjust to the society and not get bullied by others. Sometimes it takes people their entire life to realize they are transgender.

Some people would try to avoid these thoughts and feelings while others would act immediately. They would inform their family and friends and make an appointment with a doctor.

But there are a lot of people who are scared to do anything about them being transgender. They are afraid that the life will become different and that people around them won’t accept them anymore.

People tend to have different opinions about these people, but the truth is that it’s really hard for them to live when they know that they were born not the way they would prefer.

And it’s certainly not right to keep on living with this discomfort. It usually takes a lot of time and self-confidence for people to even start thinking about changing their gender. As a rule, the society doesn’t accept them.

Their family members and friends might also stop communicating with them just because they have different ideas about changing the gender. The transgender women and men usually have to meet a lot of discrimination.

This is the reason why people get really scared and choose to ignore the problem other than doing something about it. But obviously, this is not the great solution.

Of course it takes a lot of strength but it’s better than to live a life of some other person and not being yourself.

What is your opinion about transgender people?

People tend to be very critical about transgender women and men. However, they don’t understand how these people feel. Think about it! What if you suddenly had to change your gender?

How would you feel if you woke up as another person one day and you would be told that you had to spend all your life like that? Wouldn’t it feel terrible? Well that’s how all these people feel like every single day of their lives.

And what would you feel if the whole world hated you for being who you actually are? These are the questions that you should ask yourself before hating other people.

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