Nollywood actor after leg amputation turns out to be homeless

A famous Nigerian actor, the star of Nollywood, Tunde Alabi has to face many difficulties at once.

Leg amputation

Tunde Alabi is a well-known actor in Nigeria and one of the main characters of the TV show “Village Headmaster”. However, he’s not doing his job now. Instead, he’s critically ill, staying at the Lagos General Hospital with one of his legs amputated.

The worst thing is that Tunde Alabi doesn’t have any place to live, no money to support himself and no family members to be with him. Moreover, he’s at the rist of being kicked out of the hospital because he doesn’t have any money to pay for his staying in the hospital and further treatment.  

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As mentioned above, mr. Alabi doesn’t have any close relatives. However, there are a few colleagues who are eager to help him, like Paul Julius. As Paul says, Tunde Alabi had been fighting diabetes for a very long time. Unfortunately, the lack of money for the treatement resulted in the necessity of leg amputation.

Tunde Alabi

Now he has to face another battle for survival: expensive drugs required to heal the amputated leg and no home to live.

Paul Julius if calling for help. If you are one of the fans of the glorious show “Village Headmaster“, then you most probably know what a great actor Tunde Alabi is. And if you have a change, help him out by putting any amount you can afford into his account.


 Account number: 0005647181 (Unity Bank Plc)

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