Nollywood actresses-criminals: who managed to escape punishment?

Did you hear about Nollywood actresses who committed crimes and successfully avoided any punishment? Read the article for more information.

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We are used to the fact that celebrities have a serious influence on ordinary people. And usually, they set a good example and are real role models for people. They help poor people, fight with horrible diseases, and stand for the rights of minorities. But sometimes there are exceptions.

A fresh story about the scandal connected with Chidinma Okeke lesbian sex video, after which the woman easily avoided the imprisonment or other punishment, except the asylum, reminded us about other cases, when African actresses avoided punishment for serious crimes.

First of all, we can tell about Ibinabo Fiberesima, the famous actress. In 2009 she caused a serious car crash, which led to the death of one man. First, she was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but later after her appeals, in which her lawyer said about the danger of her staying in prison, and also said that Ibinabo needs special conditions because of her recent breast cancer operation, she was released on bail.

Ibinabo Fiberesima

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Another famous African beauty and actress, Rabi Ismail, was sentenced to death penalty by hanging for a homicide. In 2002 she was accused of murdering her boyfriend with drugs, and in 2005 she was sentenced. But in the year 2011, she left prison where she was waiting for her sentencement. Still, people cannot understand how it happened.

Rabi Ismail

Another Nollywood hot lady, Bimbo Akinsanya was accused of manslaughter after she hit a man to death with her car. She almost got into prison, but she avoided the punishment.

Bimbo Akinsanya

Also, we can add to this list Sikiratu Sinidodo. This Nollywood actress was also charged with murder. She was accused of hitting to death with her Honda a sixteen months old child. She said it was an accident because she did not see how the boy ran to her car. But the actress also did not get any punishment.

Sikiratu Sinidodo

So if to look at the tendency, developing among Nollywood stars we can suppose that Chidinma Okeke will not go to prison for her viral video. But time will show us.

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