Nollywood scandal: Director leaked naked photos of an actress

Did you hear about shocking naked photos of Nollywood star Lyma Orefeko and want to get more information about this scandal? Read the article and find the answers.

Lyma Orefeko

Another sex scandal flared up in Nollywood. The Internet burst up with intimate photos of naked actress Lyma Orefeko.

It is understood that photos were taken by someone, who took part in the shooting but does not want to uncover his involvement. Investigation showed that probably photos were taken by the director of the movie. But still there are the questions why would the director take such photos of his actress, and why would this actress let him do it.

A few days later the actress gave an interview commenting on this situation.

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She said that photos were posted to the Internet by her ex-boyfriend, who stole her mobile phone. He wanted to disoblige and condescend her. Lyma Orefeko added that she is not in relations with the director of the film, and insisted that it was not him who took all that photos. But at the same time, the actress refused to tell who that person was, saying that she wants to protect her private life.

She added that she was first shocked when she saw those photos on the Internet. After that, she lost a lot of her friends.

After that, Lyma apologised to her fans and asked to forget this incident as soon as possible. Also, she promised to be more careful in future and to avoid such mistakes.

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