Nomoreloss is dead - When is the burial of famous singer and comedian in Nigeria?

Another sad loss in Nigeria - comedian and singer Nomoreloss is gone. Learn more about his burial.

Details of funeral of famous singer Olumuyiwa Osinuga became known. Most of people knew him under the name of Nomoreloss.

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The singer, the comedian and the compere was ill since January. Because of it, he has taken a break and left the world of entertainments.

His death became known on Monday. After numerous rumors, one of editions has called on his number. The unknown girl has answered. She has confirmed the fact about death of the singer. The girl reported that all details will be told by his relatives.

As it has appeared, the singer deceased in the morning on Monday in one of hospitals of Lagos. 

Nomoreloss burial

nomoreloss burial details

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Funeral will take place on April 1. Service of Songs will be appointed a day before it, on March 31.

Persons interested to pay condolences will be able to make it in the house of singer's brother.

Close friends of Nomoreloss will gather on Candle light procession before the ceremony.

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The singer was famous for his songs Let them say and Iyawo Asiko. He was married to Adeola Osinuga. They have a daughter.

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