OLAmide and OLAjumoke Orisaguna – Have the two celebrities met?

Did Olajumoke meet Olamide? Another dream coming true? Read more now.

Olamide is one of the most trending and popular rappers in Nigeria. And Olajumoke Orisaguna is the new wonder in the land. She this former bread seller is like that dream that came true, the amazing Nigerian Cinderella fairy tale. No wonder these two finally met.

olamide and olajumoke

These people have something in common. They both illustrate the amazing success stories of people getting up and having their dreams come true. In fact, recently the YBNL boss met with the president Buhari and got a hand shake from him.

olajumoke and olamide

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On the other hand, Lagos hawker Olajumoke just recently moved from the dusty streets and hard labor to her first huge billboard in Lagos. It’s a huge success for this amazing girl. You can see the billboard below.

olajumoke billboard in lagos

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olamide news

Olamide and Olajumoke met in Abuja, at its airport. Actually, Olamide is the first Nigerian musician, who personally met the ex-bread seller. Obviously they liked each other and the meeting was rather friendly. We are so glad both for the young rapper and his success and for the amazing new model and her fancy Cinderella like story! God bless them both. 

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